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  1. my wife said there was a bunch of police cars at faith bc across from roses at around 330 today
  2. It is off Buchannan hwy. It was one of our neighbors. House struck by lightning and burnt to the ground. Her two dogs were killed in fire
  3. what subdivision, we have some friends in Meadowbrook, but I don't think they are having problems yet!!
  4. We are watching---there is also gas being stolen from houses on Baskin and Honeysuckle ln
  5. Baskin rd is about 1.5 miles west of roses store off buchanan hwy. We are having the fires and someone is stealing gasoline
  6. We have been having problems in this area lately with gas being stolen and fire being set. One of my neighbors said 5 fires so far.
  7. I was on highway 515 yesterday at that time and there were quiet a few Pickens Co. Sheriffs cars going that way. Also I passed an ambulance headed that way.
  8. I haven't been here in a while, but I hope this can prevent it now and in the future. thanks pubby for taking steps to prevent anyone of questionable motives from coming on here and spewing whatever trash they have. I just pray and hope nothing comes out of this "march" saturday because it is way too close to my house.
  9. Very touching post TBAR. I had the great pleasure of workin with Steve about 10 years ago. He is one that once you met him you would never forget him. Steve will be deeply missed by those who knew him. Everyone pray for his family!!!
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