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  1. Single dad of 2 needs one to get to work. Please; and honest response! Doesn't have to be pretty but reliable.
  2. Is there a t ball or softball league coming up?
  3. Krystal at Salon Rouge in Hiram at the RR tracks.
  4. Wow; they just opened a new one here in Largo, FL. about 2 months ago.
  5. Thanks folks, that was helpful.
  6. Greetings from beautiful Florida! Are the libraries selling pecans this year? If so, how much? I can't remember what I paid. Thanks in advance!!
  7. I will miss hearing about Surepip's menu
  8. I admit I did not read all the posts. But if neighbors know she left the children alone frequently - why did it go unreported? If it was reported; why were those babies still in the home. I continue to be amazed at the children who die even after the state has been alerted. I know this personally from years ago. Why why why does it continue?
  9. I have family that will be moving to Paulding in a month; single dad, two boys. Youngest (about 15 months) is a special needs child. I have no details but knows he has a feeding tube. Where to start calling? Will probably also need info on after school care for a first grader. Thanks so much for your help!
  10. LOL, well I am rooting for Atlanta; because I now live in FL. LOL
  11. I attended a similar fundraised in the past; A great meal!
  12. have her read this website. This gal also insists on many herbal supplements to maintain good health. She has tons of ideas and recipes. She also believes in "re-purposing" many items. http://bonzaiaphrodite.com
  13. I will be there in spirit (I now live in FL). I miss his mouth-watering posts. I shall tip a glass of chardonnay in his honor this afternoon. RIP Mr. Surepip.
  14. my heart breaks for this family. May God grant them comfort and peace.
  15. prayers for comfort and peace for family. So sorry to hear this news.
  16. Prayers for healing and comfort.
  17. I always thought she was just the cutest thing but apparently fell onto hard times and a hard life. so sad. RIP
  18. Parents interested in her having her own policy; the cost is crazy with her on family policy. TIA
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