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  1. I sat y for the refugees in Europe and those that Obama wants to bring here, is to give rifles and equipment to the men, send them back to Syria or Iraq and tell them to take their country back. Meanwhile build tempary fenced and guarded camps to keep the women and children in with the understanding that there is now way work or citizen status,
  2. I do not blame this Church at all , I do blame spineless boy scout leaders who bowed to a corrupt judiciary, that cateriers to a very small group of pressure pushers who wish to destroy American Society and heritage. To allow homosexual boy scout leaders is like allowing pimps to lead the girl scouts. For Federal Judges to force to force churches to allow this policy in their church buildings, violates the 1st Admindment, and the 9th and 10th Admendments. The biggest problem we have is Judges that rule according to politi al pressure groups and their own personal feelings, rather then the Cons
  3. I had stage 4 Thymus cancer, it is a rare cancer and the symtoms mimic former smokers with heart problems. The symtuoms include shortness of breath and chest pains. It is a very slow growth cancer, and after years of complaining and the heart Doctors finding nothing, after a few years the Doctors think that you are a hypochondroat and you start to believe it yourself. It does not show up on X-Rays of CAT SCANs unless a special dye is used on the scan. It does not form tumors, instead it covers the organs like your lungs, heart, ect. . Mine was only found durning a operation to drain f
  4. I have been for the airport from the very start, with the hope that it would bring jobs to my part of the county.The problem is that the economy tanked at the same time the airport was finished. I still think that the airport has great potential for future business, for general or commercial use. As far as noise is concerned, the drag strip, that some idiots, propose would be a lot worse then a airport would be and if you don't belive it, ask those who used to live next to the old Dallas Dragstrip.
  5. I do live next to the airport and I have always been in favor for it. The airport is the only thing the county has ever done to try to get jobs for the people on my side of the county. The only time the airport noise bothers me is durning the air shows, but that is only for four days, and I can put up with that, no problem, sense I know it gives a lot of pleasure to the people who come and helps advertise the airport. I would like to see more use of the airport with industry and jobs comeing with it.
  6. Separation of suspects before asking questions is what a policeman is supposed to do, the police were just starting to investigate to see if there was a problem and whom was telling the truth when they were assaulted by that family.
  7. Hands up, don't shoot. Very simple, but you don't need to yell it at the police, you need to tell it to the ones breaking the law. If Scott had stayed in his car, he would be alive now. Same thing in Furgesson, if Brown had just gotten out of the street and onto the sidewalk, where he was supposed to be, he also would still be alive. If you are stopped by the police, do what you are told and be polite and you will never be hurt. If you have a complaint, wait until you have been released or booked and then tell your lawyer or the Judge about it, but if you are going to be stupid and argu
  8. I am alive today, thanks to WellStar and their Doctors, they found my cancer and treated it with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.
  9. " Sad Movies Always Make me Cry" I don't think that I could watch that program, it hurts to bad to remember and then watch what happened after the Democrats betrayed the people of South Vietnam and caused them to flee their homeland. So many thousands died durning the boatlift, from pirates,of thrirst and hunger and drowned when their boats sank, or were killed and died in the re-education camps set up by the communists after the fall of Siagon. And don't forget the 1/3rd of the population of Cambodia killed by the Kalmer Rouge.
  10. A former police commissioner of NYC has also said that Al Sharpton and the Mayor are guilty of insatigating the racial tension to cause mentaly unstable people to shoot at law enforcement personal. This has been widely reported in the regular new media.
  11. I keep telling everybody that snow is a nasty four letter word that starts with S and is just as slippery as that other word that starts with a S
  12. I would have gone to watch the movie in a theater just to piss North Korea off. If they had bombed one of our theaters here in the states, that would have been a true act of war, but unfortunately the Idiot in charge has disarmed our military so much I not sure we enough left to fight even North Korea. In my opinion, the cyper attack on Sony, a U.S. company with it's offices on our soil, was a act of war on the U.S.
  13. I do speak for myself, no one tells me what to write or not write, but my writings are not the deranged rambling of someone separated from reality like yourself.
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