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    I enjoy reading on my kindle, church, bowling, Love Lynard Skynard, meatloaf, and oldies. I enjoy camping, jet sking and fishing but not cooking the fish. I love humor in a person...makes character:)
  1. Turf Masters Lawn Care...best i've ever used. I did use true green till the turf master guy came by and laughed because my true green sign was sitting next to a mess of weeds. They are fantastic. 678-363-8555 at 207 Commerce Dr in Dallas.
  2. The way I see it these guys have no business pushing their agenda on us no more than Cher and Madonna or any other actor/singer does trying to get us to see their point on their political views. Your there to see a sport and who cares if you want to shed your light on an issue. To me they have no more right to express their views than I do at home. But the biggest issue to me is that the media (the real culprit) sheds light on it. The media is the biggest problem in this world today. You see a few idiots on the news and think the whole world feels the same as them. The media blows everything u
  3. I can tell you that I am so tired of people telling each other off. This is not the only place I see it, its on FB and you sure can't read anything AJC puts on any level because they play people and try the division factor. They either divide us by race, political views, or religion. I give up on some sites because they no longer seem informative but just ugly. This site has been this in the past but mostly the political BS got to me on this site. I came today to ask for information on getting my gutters cleaned by a company that's bonded. Anyone recommend someone would be appreciated.
  4. Yea I seen that coming long ago. Its only time before Isis starts using it in our own country. This needs to be shut down immediately.
  5. I for one do enjoy watching this show and am 100% behind anyone who is bettering themselves. She is real and that's what I like about her. When she was buying this house she lives in she didn't want to spend that much money but was encouraged by her peeps. I understand if you don't watch her show that you don't see what she's been through. I even understand if you don't care for her show. I just feel like finally someone who has a show that is not kin to an aspiring actress is getting a piece of the pie. She does look great and I am behind her all the way. And yes I know she has a past but he
  6. Well not trying to be a witch about it but I was told many years ago that the food stamps were meant to assist you buying groceries. I personally buy groceries for another family in hopes that they will get the extra things with their money if they want something I forgot to buy.
  7. I use to never get the vaccine until I got the flu about 12 years ago and thought I would just die. I was so sick I remember thinking even if I call 911 right now I am too sick to transfer to the stretcher. I've gotten it ever since. Its mandatory working for Wellstar and I can understand that since it runs fast thru close quarters and the elderly die so easily from it. I see quiet a few cases every year that take them out.
  8. My daughter lives off hart road and if you've never tried to get out of that road then your in for a long wait and as soon as it clears then you still take a risk off pulling out blindly because the cars coming over the hill are flying at 55. If you go thru the church parking lot then you have a clear view and can see both ways. My grandson just got his license and has to leave this way to go to work and believe me I hate for him to not be able to go thru the church lot because its just plain dangerous. I know the church probably doesn't like it but during the week theres no cars there.
  9. Does anyone know about what one of the garage doors with the screened in area and a door cost ? I looked up lifestyles garage screens and love them but I don't want to have someone come out and measure and all the bologna (yes I sung it to get the correct spelling) that comes with that. I just want a ballpark figure so I can save to get one.
  10. I use Waste industries and have for over 6 years. They went up several times on me and each time i called the office and she told me they pricematched with other companies. They kept mine at 39.00 a quarter after i gave the the information that BLD advertised at 39 per quarter. Might try that or change compaines.
  11. I have used hotmail for over eleven years. No problems with the sight. Just checked it and it worked as normal. Maybe just certain ones. Mine is fine.
  12. Thanks Stradial, nice blast from the past this morning.
  13. It just is so silly to hear unarmed as if the victim was at a disadvantage because he left his gun in the car. Its like the victim is at an equal with the law. The idea is to obey the law and theres no problem. However, i see where Eric Garner was coming from. He had been through this with these police before and was tired of being hasseled. He hadn't sold the cigarettes for 2 months so why did the police have a beef with him to begin with. I say this time the people (not just of color but all people) are justified at being angry at the way this went down. My heart was sad watching this man co
  14. Thanks for sharing. My dads plan stopped covering two of his medications that are extremely high. I will take a look at this plan. I had my eye on a Silver Script plan. Will compare the two. Also this kicked in a reminder that i only have a couple more days to do this. Thanks.
  15. I like the samoas from the dollar general better. They have more caramel and they are cheaper. You should try them.
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