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  1. Bosshog, this person is calling me a m/f!!! (whatever that is!) Bitter, hee hee, honey, you don't want to go there! Sugar, what makes one 'bitter'? The fact that she points out your miserable life to you and you don't like it?
  2. BossHog, really? Are you really gonna let this dumba$$ be so ignorant and post this kind of trash?? I am having a very SLOW day at the office and would love to call some of these bullies 'names'! Talk about biased....
  3. Sweetpea, we don't call it a 'hit and run'; we just have REAL lives to be lived and don't spend ALL day wringing our hands and salivating over the next post on this rag!
  4. Actually, I just feel intelligent when I type that word....
  5. LPPT, i love ya and highly respect you, but to say you don't understand enough about the different types of taxes in an attempt to make light of Mr. Carruth's issues, is shameful. In another post, you said you had 'done your research' on the candidates. How can you say that and then admit you don't understand the simplicity of Mr. Carruth's tax issues?
  6. Yes, it is another boring day at the office..... ok, first off, I have no idea of the origins of the website, although apparently, you do. Interesting. Blatant attack on people that do not like MY candidate? Actually, I prefer to think that I am throwing 'virtual punches' back at some of the 'bullies' on this site. the other day when I posted my personal phone number and challenged any of you to call me, I did get one call from a very personable, kind hearted Mrs. McMichen who does not support Rep. Braddock and gave me some very informative data on why. Other than that call, I re
  7. I tried to change the color, but it didn't save it? Sorry....not very computer literate!
  8. My phone has been ringing off the hook...NOT! Bunch of cowards! But you know who did call me today? Paulette R. Braddock, in response to some questions I had about her campaign. That, my friends, in a nutshell, is the TRUTH!
  9. If this website you all are discussing is 'fact', how do you know that? Apparently all of you on paulding.com believe everything you read here? And if it is fact, why is there no author of that website? I personally challenge anyone here that knows all of this to be fact to call me and explain your sources AND I challenge the author of the website to call me and and do the same....Susan Breen 404-314-0893
  10. These fancy banner ads are FREE? Really? Hey Pubby, I want one of these free ads! You missed the point ....
  11. Wanted to thank all of you regular posters here....I have decided that any candidate that solicits votes here on Paulding.com will NOT get my vote! Of course I never planned to vote for them anyway....just thought I would give yall something to think about! See ya at the polls...
  12. While I know very few of you personally, and I will direct this response to no one in particular, I find it funny that when the conversation swerved off into the house's immigration bill, that many of you demand to call our illegal residents 'hispanics or Mexicans'....really? Just to think most of those posters believe all of our immigrants are from Mexico!! rotflm a$$ off! And another post I read said, "but the other candidate will NOT come on HERE and answer questions"....hmmmmm, wonder why? There are approximately 20 of you goofballs that seem to spend all day posting nonsense...why
  13. ****Having attended last night's debate, I find this video of Mr. James' attack deplorable. Why not show Mr. Carmicheal's wonderful, heartfelt, intelligent responses? This video makes this county look just like everyone wants us to look, a bunch of hillbillies.***** ****Part of the REAL news WAS how horrible Ms. Morrison presented herself and how Mrs. Braddock DECLINED to acknowledge the attack. I went in not knowing who I would vote for in some of the races, and now know who I will NOT vote for. Why not show Mr. Carruth answering the ethics of receiving gifts? That was monumentally
  14. here is where your food comes from! Buy local and know your farmer!
  15. Why didn't these industries that were being negatively affected fight back? Why didn't we ever hear the "other" side of this story? You would think they would have come out fighting back and making some of the points that people are making in this thread, like how it has made the meat much safer, kept children from getting e-coli etc. I think that their silence made it look like they were guilty, and were caught, selling something inferior to the public. Nail hit on head! Although this has everything to do with greed, and not a lot to do with Americans wanting to know what is in
  16. Thanks I have suggested the shower stool in fact i have one but *another battle* hey there....my thoughts and prayers go out to you! My dad was diagnosed a couple of years ago, he is now 86, (he was exposed to asbestos and smoked till his 40's), not sure if any of this was what caused the COPD. I talked to a physical therapist that recommended the shower stool and a walker; my dad absolutely refuses to use these, saying, "I am fine"!! The therapist says while showering and standing, he is using too much oxygen. A walker, if only used in the privacy of the home, would help conserv
  17. Poor mustang? My friend that saw this said that at this time in the morning, there are a couple of children standing in their driveways waiting on the school bus. Thank goodness the bus had already come. A-holes like the driver of this mustang should be punished by being run over by a car being driven at a high rate of speed, just sayin
  18. the only thing I heard was from an eye witness who saw the mustang come out from behind her, traveling west on Macland, and go airborne, with GSP, Cobb, Paulding police chasing him; when she got near the new middle school, he had crashed into a tree and her thoughts were that he was DOA
  19. just heard about a police chase on Macland near dallas hwy, police chasing a white mustang, mustang wrecked into a tree near new middle school
  20. I too have old 'Arthur' in my feet; it is in both big toe joints (verified by x-ray); my othro doc put me on a nsaid, Mobic, which helps a little. I really don't want to go on any pain relievers at this time; I am sure it will get worse and not better! I am only 48 and hope the medical world perfects a toe joint transplant before too long! My primary care doc recommended the condroitan (sic) but after several months of taking it, I can't tell any improvement....good luck with yours!
  21. Hey yall! The Dallas Farmers Market is a 'local' only market, meaning we don't go to the State farmers market and resell! So, the only produce you will see is only what is in season for North Georgia....lettuces, radishes, greens, new potatoes, onions, green garlic, etc! Strawberries are the only fruit in season right now! Please buy local, it is the freshest and you will support your local farmers! Every week will bring new produce!
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