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  1. Thanks Papi I just signed back on to give an update. You are correct. Paula will be fine just bruised and banged up. I think her hubby will be fine as well just a longer recovery time for hi. Just thankful injuries were not life threatening.
  2. There's a friend on my Facebook page that her and her husband ad an accident this morning. I do not have details. Im assuming this is the same accident. I do know that there injuries are not life threatening. They were taken to Kennistone. I do understand his injuries are worse than hers. I do think they will be fine, just going to take time to recover. If I hear more I will post and update. Just please say a prayer. They do have a little girl.
  3. Im with you I hate snakes!! I think all snakes should be killed or not exist one. Either way im very scared of any kind of snake!!!!
  4. I was there very early with my fur babies. I left there at 10:40. It was well worth it. I really think this was a huge success.
  5. I am dealing with my grieving mother as I type. It will be 2 years the 25th of this month that my step-dad passed away. My mother took care of him for 13 years. He had liver cancer. I do not think that when someone dies slowly it gives the family time to start the grieving process. I am having a very hard time dealing with my mother. I am a only child so I have no help what so ever. Basically my mom has just given up on everything. She does still work each and everyday. I do think this is keeping her sane. She will retire this time next year. I so dreed this. I love my mother but Im not sure I
  6. Wow so sorry this happened to you. We go there a lot. Matter a fact was just there yesterday. We have never had a problem and has always been treated with respect.
  7. My family just had pics. taken last Sat. We went to Violet Stout Memorial Park. We had ours taken at the old Barn there. They turned out great. Theres hale bales in the back of the barn that can be used a a prop. Directions are Hwy.92 to Pine Valley Rd. follow Pine Valley Rd. to Brownsville rd. at the light cross over Brownsville. That will be Burnt Hickory Rd. turn left at 2nd St. That is Stout Parkway. The Park will be down on your left. It has a brick ranch home on the property to. In the very back of the property there is a hiking trail to. Maybe this is what you are looking for.
  8. Yes there is from 6 to 9. This class you have to have already taken the online course. When you have finshed the online course you print your test results and take it with you to the class. Class is free Online course is 19.95
  9. There is no charge. My son did the online thing and went for the 2hr class.
  10. Homemade Chicken pot pie. Also made some ruben sandwich's for my daughter.
  11. Alsobrooks is on Hwy.92 right at Ridge Rd. Then theres Taylors on 61 going towards Cartersville. I think theres a place in Dallas also but Im not sure where or the name. Hope this helps.
  12. Theres a website www.indeed.com. This website is updated every time a job post in your area. It will also tell you how old the job post is. Theres lots of jobs posted on this site.
  13. Warehouse for Hope, Helping Hands of Paulding. I think it has to be done for a non profit organization.
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