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  1. is there a box company in paulding? I am looking forboxes today for a friend. the storage places can be expensive . thanks
  2. That might have been it. It was 10 when we walked off the trail. i am assuming they already had the call in, so it might have been around 9:45. The one officer was following the guy on foot but the guy was probably 60 feet ahead of him. I am guessing that the guy took off running when he turned down the trail. The officer was still crossing the street at that point.
  3. I can't listen to the scanner archives. Did anyone happen to hear what was going on? We were coming off the trail when this suspicious guy was walking down the street and turned onto the trail. The Sheriffs officer was following him and the next thing we know they are down the trail and police cars from Hiram and the Sheriffs office came with sirens on and they were driving up and down all the streets. It was weird and kinda of scary, cause just a few minutes sooner and we would still have been on the trail when he turned down it.
  4. My daughter and I love it, and it is very good for you. The only problem is, it's expensive.
  5. My daughter had the gardisil vaccine at 12 yo check up. That was last year and she is fine. Well maybe a little wacky at times, but fine otherwise.
  6. Not sure if you mean schools or Church's, but Nebo Elementary fall festival is Friday Oct. 9 from 5-9 p.m.
  7. So it is $15 for a hayride? Does it include anything else, and how long does it last? Just wondering.
  8. Its not that bad, really. It is more annoying than anything. There has to be someone on here that will agre with me. You will be alright. I went by myself, while my kids were at a B-day party. It only took about an hour. Debie will left you do part of it and come back after it heals for the rest of it, if it is to much pain for you.
  9. Had a great time today, it was nice seeing AJ, Camo chick and Krwillis again.
  10. I like it! I have one on my foot, It was more of an annoying sting than pain. Debbie from The Illustrator did mine.
  11. We love it. We rented the first season from Netflix. Blockbuster doesnt offer it.
  12. My daughter goes to Cobb eye center. They have an office in Dallas next to Ingles on Bus. 6 There are some offices to the left behind Wendys. We see Dr. White. 770-445-8885
  13. Are you coming to lunch? We have not seen you in so long, we miss you.
  14. Don't forget tomorrow is lunch at La Parilla in Cedarcrest!!
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