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  1. Was this necessary?


    Some people are just "that way" and don't have anything better to do than just act ugly. God was in that car or the girl would be dead. I just ignore stupid comments like that.

    Hoping and praying to God that this young lady is ok. As the parent of two young drivers myself, I can really empathize. Also, prayers for your daughter and her boyfriend who witnessed this. I'm sure it was very upsetting for them.

    It was very upsetting. And my two grandsons, ages 9 and 11, saw it, too. They were very upset. I just wish I could get an update on her condition.

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  2. My daughter and her boyfriend witnessed a very bad wreck on Monday night. A young girl driving a small silver car ran off the road and into a tree. They, along with several other people, stopped to see if they could do anything. The car was smoking, so a couple of guys got the girl out of the car. She was conscious and talking. Her name was Madison. I think she was air-lifted to the hospital, but we don't know which one.


    My daughter just sent me a picture of the car, and it's a miracle this girl survived. God was definitely riding shotgun.


    Does anyone know anything about this? We would just like to know that she's ok.




  3. I got caught up in this on my way home from work. My fuel pump actually decided to quit working so I was stranded and was there until the cars were removed. There were 3 life-flight helicopters. I believe there was an 11-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl injured. They were laying on the road but I don't know if they were ejected or not. I believe the driver of the gold car was entrapped. It was a very bad wreck. Prayers for everyone involved.

  4. On our way to the fireworks, towards Hiram, at about 9:00 tonight, there were several PCSO cars in a driveway on the left side of the road next to what appeared to be a house that had burned. This is right across from Morningside Drive. On the way home, about 10:10, they were still there but no longer had their flashing blue lights on.


    Does anyone know what's going on?

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