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  1. CAMPANULA starts with a C ... keep up!
  2. I was going to say...lowrider nailed it, it started with a C.... then I hit post after I put the link on... but I knew, you knew you were right!
  3. Looks like a white CAMPANULA Bell Flower There are many shapes. The one in your bouquet is beautiful. They are also called Canterbury bells - all sorts of shapes, with colors in purple, white, and pink. Double and single blooms ... http://www.localharvest.org/campanula-seed-medium-pink-canterbury-bells-C22370?r=fr
  4. Cute... This is impossible!!!! ...This test has been given to hundreds of people NO ONE EVER got BETTER!
  5. True... Ironically I was told by a physiologist once that many with ADHD, who are not diagnosed, do end up "self medicating" ... not always the best way to have a productive society... My ADHD child had pain medication for wisdom teeth removal, and was bouncing off the walls. It would have put most people to sleep ... for days... not him. Wonder how Phelps acts with pot? Speed- Ritalin- improves concentration and slows down ADD/ADHD ... what would pot do?
  6. I think kids need to know there is a household budget....and most purchases mean there were two or three other things that are no longer an option to purchase. Most families have a set amount of money - once used; one must wait to save more before the next "want" can be fulfilled. I would go with your plan. Also, I recently heard about Michael Phelps...perhaps you and Snow White have too. Just a thought - swimming there is little that can be destroyed, no powerful engines to propel one to ones death - or over a three foot jump! Michael Phelps ADHD is not an attention deficit <snip> Many people have no idea that Michael Phelps has ADHD, yet he hasn’t kept it a secret. In an August 13, 2008 TimesOnline article, his mother is quoted as saying, “In kindergarten I was told by his teacher, ‘Michael can’t sit still, Michael can’t be quiet, Michael can’t focus.’ I said, maybe he’s bored. The teacher said that was impossible. “He’s not gifted,” came back the reply. “Your son will never be able to focus on anything.”( Bold by Far West) How many people with ADHD are told just that – you’ll never be able to focus on anything! Obviously after Michael Phelps’s summer of 2008 performance, it’s clear that ADHD does not have to stop you from focusing on and reaching your dreams. http://www.edgefoundation.org/blog/2008/08/15/michael-phelpss-adhd-is-not-an-attention-deficit/ Look at how persistent Dis Jr is - that IS a fine skill...just not about using up all the ink making copies. ...If you can find another thing he is passionate about that will enrich his life.... I know it is not easy (and I know there is more than just the ADHD)... keep looking.
  7. Nope. I knew what would happen if I did not follow the rules. I had been told my whole life, you do what's expected of you and you'll have a good life. You will be given privileges. Other adults will help because they will reward you for doing what you are supposed to. Society has rules and you fit into them, life will provide opportunities. I think if we don't teach our children what they should do...they end up in a ditch... or is that "hitting rock bottom?" My parents did not need to be, or want to be my friend. I am so tired of parents crippling their children by not providing family standards or rules. Or... crippling the kids by not enforcing the rules and standards with defined consequences. Consequences for making poor choices hurt less, and are smaller, when kids are younger. "Fix it" all for them when they are young …you might not be able to "fix it" for them when they are teens and young adults ...plus you will be fixing it for them the rest of their lives.
  8. I voted for him today too! It's a trend.
  9. Jsewell

    Did anyone

    I did ...about 30 minutes ago. So do you think it is true? Does the US Marshall's office have a warrant for his arrest? Sucks to be him! I have a basic line... no caller ID or extras.
  10. I try to vote against incumbents ...I just think after a few years absolute power corrupts. I wish all positions had term limits …we citizens are not disciplined enough to vote them out …or, no one will run against them because it cost a lot to get name recognition greater than an incumbent. It would be nice if we had enough people who truly wanted to serve in a capacity to help their community, then go back to their real job… not become a carrier politician. Serve a term, then go home.
  11. Jsewell


    OMG... I just told my husband exactly that on Sunday! Three weeks ago he did not believe me that everyone was getting a new license plate... I was quacking about what the cost must be. So, Sunday he said, “You were right everyone is getting a new plate!” I’d much rather we.... oh.... I don't know... keep more police, pay off a bond, fund a Park… instead of giving out new plates. Other states I lived in had several license plates based on when the car was registered. The really old ones were almost a status symbol. It’s not like the GA plates are all the same now, with all the special tags anyway! No need to start all over again... just give the new plates to cars that are newly registered!!!????
  12. Because the airlines have reduced capacity the flights are full. The "vacation" we took was only because my relatives had a wedding to go to in the South, so we went and bunked up with them at a lake house where they were staying. Then they came to our house ...They wanted to go to a few local sites... they treated all of us. They treated us to dinner twice ... which is double what we have done the last 6 months! I am glad some are traveling and supporting the economy! Airlines plan to reduce flying in 2012, keep capacity in check Despite continued demand, airlines such as Delta Air, Southwest Airlines and United Continental plan to maintain or decrease capacity. September 14, 2011 “Major U.S. airlines outlined plans Tuesday to trim domestic flying next year in an effort to keep a recent run of fare increases on track,” reports the Wall Street Journal, “though executives said demand remained robust.” Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, and United Continental Holdings all said they plan to maintain the “capacity discipline” that has helped their industry ride out the latest hike in fuel prices.http://www.directorship.com/airlines-plan-to-reduce-flying-in-2012-keep-capacity-in-check/
  13. I agree with all you said! I have always like the, “… wait on your Boaz.” Thanks for posting it. …policies such as allowing people to carry their children on insurance to the age of 26 further perpetuates the laziness of American youth. You said it! What about if those kids are married? ... I always told my kids, “Once you get married, you are now your own family. I will not be paying for your school, insurance, or to live in my basement or anywhere else. Now the government comes in and says nah...even if your kid gets married, you can still keep them on your insurance until they are 26? Well, Uncle Sam, are you going to let me claim them as a tax deduction until they are 26? Can I claim them as a tax deduction even though they get married, until they are 26? What a bunch of Defecation!!! I often think girls are light years ahead of boys in the maturity and Defecation Consolidation arena. It takes boys more time to mature...so I don’t know why you would give a girl more time. I see young women at 22 and 23 who are in charge of their life and carrier... The young men not so much.
  14. Jsewell


    Some are affected more than others. My grandparents were extremely thrifty due to the depression. I'll never forget finding a cigar type box under the kitchen sink that had rubber banded bundles of the slivers of soaps that are hard to use. When we were at my grandparent’s home visiting, she put out the "good soap" or a fresh bar. Once "company" was gone, out came the small slivers that were stacked, and held together with a rubber band. That way they could use all the soap! (This was in the late 70's! How much was a bar of soap then? Maybe 20 cents?) My grandparent's house had nothing extra ... no hording. The garage was clean, organized, and spotless, everything in it's place. The whole house was neat, clean, and organized. Almost the opposite of hoarding. What they had they took care of, and repaired it when it broke, because they were not going to spend a penny unless it was a necessity. Then, I shared my cousin's other Grandparents. They bought all sorts of used things from swap meets and yard sales to give to others, things they did not need. They bought stuff for no reason at all - until it completely filled up their home. They would come with bags of stuff ... whoever it fit, or who ever liked it got to have it. It gave them joy. Heck, it gave everyone joy. Later it took over their life when the accumulation continued with no one to give it to.
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