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  1. Dis Jr's mom is not giving him a gift I am not that kind of wife to Mr Dis. just fyi
  2. and i keep telling mr dis about his son...i love my son even though he drives me bonkers!!!
  3. It could be a what they call a tiny sand fly they hurt I get them a allergic reaction will cause whelps.
  4. hotdogs with buns of course
  5. I just want to know.. Has anyone besides your kids play area have you used rubber mulch as a groundcover around your flower beds ect.. If so what was the cost? thx
  6. jcschur


    report them, put them on ignore.. shame on them for bugging you
  7. Meatloaf, and I have not decided what else.
  8. you can't do that to me!! I posted that on FB a month ago asking you for a puppy for Christmas I already have a name picked out if I get one. I do love my labs don't get me wrong.
  9. I took celexa about 7months I was happy, calm, not depressed ect, but I tolded the doctor at my check up the only thing I did not like about the medication was that I was sleepy all the time and that I had gained 20 pounds.. What can we do? Then he switched me to Welbutron and I have lost the weight and some and I am back excercising. I have since found out that I have a thyroid problem which can cause depression and all the above as well..so celexa was not for me.. Medicine is different for everyone person, but listen to your doctor don't come off of any anti-depressent without your doctor k
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