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  1. Okay so here is what you do. Stand with your hands against the wall and put your leg back and hold for 30 seconds to stretch the calf muscle. Then bend that knee and you will start to feel the stretch in your Achilles Tendon(which btw is attached to your PF) hold for another 30 seconds. Do this once in the morning and once at night it will help a lot. You also can try rolling a can under your foot but that never did anything for mine.
  2. I've gone by there 3 days in a row and was wondering what was up there. Good to know.
  3. I love my GE. Definitely get the stainless steel interior you won't regret paying the little bit more it costs for them. My 2 boys load my dishwasher and you can believe me when I say there isn't any prewashing going on there and my dishes come out sparkling clean
  4. Another for Jason from Xtreme tree works as well. He does a great job and a fair price
  5. Looks like this. Do you want something that is a little different or the same ole, same ole, what your use to? Me personally I get tired of the same ole, same ole but that might not be you. Go with what you think will make you happy. Good Luck
  6. Tricare Prime is not changing...yet..but they sure are trying
  7. I just went to the Kmart site and hit store locator and typed in the zipcode and Hiram location is NOT there!
  8. I haven't seen ham loaf at all down here. I'm originally from Lancaster, Pa
  9. The article says 92 and 75 in Acworth. the BPS is in Emerson. So yeah they are going to be down the road from each other YEAH!!
  10. Yes my son renewed his learners permit online and got it in the mail. HTH
  11. Congrats to you and your husband!! My hubby unit was deployed when he retired so it was a real quick and tiny ceremony. Now on to the next chapter of your lives!
  12. Been there done that congrats on the retirement. As for new construction we bought new when we moved here and let me tell you this house popped, creak, cracked, moaned and groaned for 2 years!!! I can now say I bought a new house, would I do it again probably not but of course I grew up in a house that was built in 1905 and I love old houses and how well they were built. Just my 2 cents
  13. My son was diagnosed with ADD(not the H either) when he was in the 3rd grade like the one above he was a zombie on the meds. I read a long time ago about the fish oil and he has been taking it for years. Yes it does make the biggest difference in the world with him. I researched it to death before I did it I suggest you do the same. :-)
  14. I can still get into mine no problem..Now I've probably jinxed myself..
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