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  1. Please Just click on the picture and like the link to Vote for bailey less than an hour left to vote. Thank you https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=521796854548574&set=a.521767854551474.1073741827.100001547925831&type=3&theater
  2. Does any one know what is going on off of Black Hawk Trail - in Indian Springs Subdivision?? Police and Ambulance Present, been there a while.
  3. I was the agent on that..and Yes it will be a haunted house, something like netherworld...should be pretty cool! They are working hard!! Folklorehauntedhouse.com I think, Sleepy Hollow Productions.
  4. News said near Paul Aiken Rd. Isnt that by the trailer park/store over by Lindsey lake rd?
  5. Thanx CeeJay, I hope we can feel normal again soon, It makes me sad that the place my family and I call home doesnt feel so safe anymore, the whole enviornment of the county has changed so much. Please tell everyone you know and you are right it could have been so much worse! I hope everyone has a great weekend, love those long weekends
  6. No, her parents were NOT home, Her brother was asleep - I am not sure why she did it, I know that it is very scary to realize that kids really have a false sense of security when it comes to being at home...Her dad was really upset, The officer on the scene said to all of us, NEVER NEVER open your door, always call 911, even when there seems to be no threat...ahhhh - I'm having a hard time sleeping, I'm sure my neighbors are too
  7. I live on Russell Lane and the car was left/crashed into my next door neighbors yard, the owner/victim of the car was a black male appeared young and he was uninjured. There were 5/6 of them and the SO did a great job, the only complaint that I have is that when I asked them to search my building (around 6am) they told me that they had "him" they never suggested that there was more than one and I should go into my house and lock the doors...two hours (approx) later they pulled one of the guys out of the house next door that the little girl (13yrs) let in to use the phone, all the while my fr
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