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  1. Ok, you're killing me! First the sushi and now this delicious recipe. Did you happen to see any blue crab at the Buford Market?
  2. Unless you really had your heart set on going there, save your gas. Have given them multiple chances and the food and service are still bad. It has become a glorified night club and that is what they seem to focus their energy on. If you still want to come to the area, The Owners Box (1/4 mile further down next to CVS) has excellent burgers and The Pizza Shack (next to Seven Hills Publix) has great pizza and wings and a really nice atmosphere.
  3. Try contacting Angels Among Us angelsrescue.org Amazing rescue group and may be willing to help. Good luck and thanks for doing the right thing!
  4. From a Johns Hopkins scientist: http://www.newsmaxhealth.com/Headline/influenza-virus-flu-vaccine-Peter-Doshi-Ph-D-/2013/05/16/id/504942 "....Not only is the vaccine not safe, Dr. Blaylock tells Newsmax Health, it doesn't even work. "The vaccine is completely worthless, and the government knows it," he says. "There are three reasons the government tells the elderly why they should get flu shots: secondary pneumonia, hospitalization, and death. Yet a study by the Cochrane group studied hundreds of thousands of people and found it offered zero protection for those three things in the general community. It offered people in nursing homes some immunity against the flu — at best one-third — but that was only if they picked the right vaccine." A study released in February found that the flu shot was only 9 percent effective in protecting seniors against the 2012-2013 season's most virulent influenza bug. What's even worse is that small children who are given the flu vaccine get no protection from the disease. "The government also says that every baby over the age of six months should have a vaccine, and they know it contains a dose of mercury that is toxic to the brain," says Dr. Blaylock. "They also know the studies have shown that the flu vaccine has zero — zero — effectiveness in children under five." For most people, says Dr. Blaylock, flu vaccines don't prevent the flu but actually increase the odds of getting it. The mercury contained in vaccines is such a strong immune depressant that a flu shot suppresses immunity for several weeks. "This makes people highly susceptible to catching the flu," he says. "They may even think the vaccine gave them the flu, but that's not true — it depressed their immune system and then they caught the flu."
  5. zappos.com has free shipping and returns on all of their shoes. They sell the bobs but not the toms! Lol. But both companies have the same concept (buy a pair they donate a pair).
  6. I'm pretty sure the op was talking about a "child" and it's lovely that you're not concerned. BTW, my sisters library had issues with pedophiles hanging there. I guess they were just waiting for some idiot to drop their kid off alone.
  7. That is total bullcheeze! There is nothing sexier than a man pushing a vacuum (not a lawnmower).
  8. They usually call this runners toe, and it is pretty common. Even if you aren't a runner, it can come from wearing shoes that don't have enough room in the toe box. Over time, this puts pressure on the nail. Check your shoes for enough room.
  9. My son has volunteered at Must Ministries before. They had the kids sorting canned goods.
  10. Nah, I thought we would wait until November 1...much less crowded, especially in Seven Hills!
  11. I am going to say Red Tailed Hawk or Red Shouldered Hawk? Tough to see tail in pic
  12. She won't have all her teeth for long with all the Mountain Dew and Pixie Sticks she consumes!
  13. amosz

    Eye Dr

    Dr. Hufmann Seven Hills Publix shopping center. Excellent Dr. Took me in an emergency, and was so great I switched to him. Went to the chain store eye Dr. for years...absolutely no comparison in level of care/concern.
  14. Simple solution...if you aren't willing to foot the bill, don't invite anyone to come along! If I am inviting one of my childrens friends to come along, I am not expecting them to pay anything.
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