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  1. I couldn't do it last year but I really want to this year! Great experience for the community!
  2. My son and two of his friends are heading out in the morning.
  3. Being a mom is such a rewarding job but it is the hardest job in the world. I have 4 children- 23, 23, 18, and 12. They are older now but I remember when they were little. Some days went by so fast that I don't even remember them. I HAD to work and I would get all 4 kids to their 4 different destinations every morning and then I would cry all the way to work. Many times I went to bed at 1 a.m. and got up at 3:30 a.m. My husband was there but also worked many hours. When I had my youngest he did not sleep at night. I finally just started putting him in the bed with us. I know thats not the best
  4. Your heart is definately in the right place and you reached out for the right reason...GOD BLESS YOU!!!!
  5. Until the companies can no longer afford to function or it is cheaper for your employer to pay the fine to the government for not providing coverage than actually pay what the insurance companies are charging for group plans then you will have no choice but take government health care. And there will be plenty getting FREE health care (at our expense of course) just like they get free groceries and housing! (I am not talking about the individuals that have been hit hard by the economy. The help given to these people is what the system was set up to do. I'm talking about the generational hando
  6. Great place to go! Pat patiently sat with me and my son while he chose his tux and all the extras. Thanks Pat for your gracious hospitality. We will see you on Thursday to pick up the tux!
  7. I could use a keylime cupcake about now...
  8. I said "not ALL government is out to get us". If it weren't for the ones that are listening to us this bill would have already gone through. And yes...when it comes to some things I feel like they are cramming stuff down out throats but the census is not one of them. All is not evil....
  9. Get a grip...the census is a way for the government to determine a state has enough representatives and it also helps when it comes to funding issues. All government is not evil and out to get you...
  10. I agree with you. I'm glad she is working hard to support her kids. If she wasn't everyone would be gripping because their tax dollars were having to take care of them. GO KATE!!!!!Make us working moms proud!!!
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