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  1. Wow! What? Allowing the PC people to vote on Sunday alcohol sales means the BOC are really trying to bring PC into the 21st century. Means more tax dollars for the county. What about the city of Dallas? They are the ones that refuse to come out of the dark ages. What are their plans for voting for the same issue? They don't need to worry about restaurants or night clubs coming to Dallas and more tax dollars. They missed that boat when Hiram made a progressive decision.
  2. Just got around to checking P.com. Knew JJ had cancer but not this far along. Johnny is a super person and worked with me back in '01 and '02. Saw him at Paulding Meadows and he still had that robust personality and positive attitude. Prayers are for Johnny to be at peace and prayers for his family. May God's blessing be with his family.
  3. What a game! Tigers took it to Tech and whipped up on them. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TIGERS!!!!! Can you tell I'm a Clemson Alumnus? My blood runneth orange. But wait. Next the Carolina Gamecocks are going to whip up on the Bulldogs. Can you tell I'm originally from South Carolina?
  4. From your snip ... “Solyndra did indeed collapse after receiving $528 million in federal stimulus money intended to accelerate clean energy development and create jobs. It touched off an 18-month Congressional investigation and a number of embarrassing disclosures about White House efforts to promote the company for political reasons while aware of its financial troubles. However, the Solyndra grant process began under the George W. Bush administration, and it received bipartisan Congressional and lobbying support.” It may have started under Bush but Congress passed the bill. When PO became President he promised to stop spending for failing businesses. Oh, but wait. Key personnel and investors in Solyndra were big contributors to PO’s campaign. Bur right on cue like the PO puppets you are blaming Bush. And if, God forbid, PO is reelected who is he going to blame for his screw ups? Also from your snip ... “An audit commissioned by the White House found that the loan guarantee program needed tighter oversight and stricter loan standards. But it found that the loss reserve was adequate to cover expected future defaults.” And we are supposed to believe an audit by the WH that gives final approval for this waste. There should have been NO loss. Keep up the spin because more and more people are starting to realize electing Obama to president was a BIG mistake. Next you will be telling us Gore was right that the altitude in Denver is why PO bombed.
  5. WOW! I actually agree with you....Cocks 27 and dogs 21. Other than Tennessee the dogs haven't played any strong teams. Besides I don't like to watch Spurrier acting like a child when he is loosing. I'm a Clemson alumni and the tigers are going to embarrass tech..... 52 - 10.
  6. You should apply for a job at ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN because you have the knack of slanting the truth to make PO look like the second coming. And I guess you forgot that the "Great One" promised he would reduce the debt in one term or he wouldn't run for a second term. Not only has he lied about reducing debt, he has increased it. But that doesn't matter because when he days he can't walk on water but when he does his ankles don't get wet.Or at least some of you believe it. I'm glad PO wasn't president when 9/11 happened because he would apologize for the Trade Center buildings getting in the way of the airplanes.
  7. If you have chipmunks you know you don't have big snakes. Try pouring mothballs down their holes.
  8. Secretly the Muslim Brotherhood is paying farmers to not produce pigs since it is against their religion to eat pork. I think we should feed Al Quada prisoners pork barbecue sandwiches. And if bacon is gone what will be used to season vegies? Paula Dean should start a protest march.
  9. Why don't they leave it the Cleburne Parkway. The road was named after a famous Confederate General and if they change the name it will be the end of naming roads after our beloved Southern generals. The BOC need to stop trying to be politically correct. Look what they did with DRAGSTRIP which is now East Paulding Dr. To locals or long time residence it is still Dragstrip. To the newess or yankees it's East Paulding. I think the renaming of roads should be on a ballot. David Austin is a member of Son of Confederate Veterans and surely he won't let them change the name. Maybe they should ask him why it doesn't stay the same. Is Austin trying to please big money or the voters? Politically correct is BS.
  10. I heard that the people that recently painted East Paulding HS finally got caught. I heard they were two EPHS students. Any truth to this? Wonder if they will get treated the same as the first 'artist' or are they going to jail. Stupid is as stupid does. What's with these kids?
  11. This is to Pubby and all those that refer Repubs to Nazis. The liberals have no problem referring Repubs to Nazis. But consider this. PO keeps saying the "rich" are the problem with America. The "1%"are greedy and need to go. He continues to criticize the "rich" like they are evil and cause all the problems. Now go back and change the word "rich" and "1%" to Jew. Sound familiar? Now who is calling whom Nazis. Happy New Year to all my Jewish friends.
  12. So please explain why PO keeps saying he wants to compromise with the Repubs but NEVER agrees with any ideas or even considers any ideas. It has always been his way or the highway. Remember when he made the comment after McCain made a statement that he, Obama , said "I am the president". And what about the Dems in the Senate? Reid refuses to bring bills from the House to the floor to discuss them. That's not compromising, that's dictating. So don't try to compare PO to Reagan. It won't fly.
  13. Fact 8: I don't watch CNN, MSNBC or mainstream news all the time like, undoubtedly, you do. And don't tell me they don't slant the news. Fact 9: Put down the kool-aide. Just saw on news that Sudan has REFUSED the US to send in troops to help support our embassy. What would you do? Send a letter of apology for asking? We need to pull out all personnel and expel their embassy people in the US and cut off all funds until they can guarantee security of our reps in Sudan.
  14. Fact 1: Obama was in Vegas, Colorado and on Letterman this week while our consulate in Libya and our embassy in Egypt were under attack. Rome burns while Nero fiddles. Sound familiar? Fact 2: PO didn't meet personally with his security council until Friday. He may get updates but he didn't care enough to stop trying to raise money. It showed where his priorities were during the turmoil. Fact 3: PO apologized to Muslims for the movie they say is offensive. Duh! It's called freedom of speech. Muslims consider an apology as weakness. No further explanation needed. Fact 4: There are now 20 countries protesting against America even in Australia. And the WH keeps saying it's because of the movie and deny experts saying it was coordinated with Sept. 11. It was an excuse to start the planned protest. Fact 5: Two years ago Glenn Beck predicted this was going to happen and people called him crazy and an extremist. He also said Muslim riots were coming to the US. So what are you going to say when riots start? Just respond like former member did three times herein on this blog: “You people are out of your freaking minds!” “My God! Are you people insane?” “You people are insane!” Fact 6: PO said he didn't have time to personally meet with Netanyahu. With all the riots around the world and with the threats against Israel PO was too busy to meet face to face because Letterman was more important to his campaign. Now they did talk for an hour over the phone but why didn't PO meet face to face. Because it would show he cared about Israel more than the Muslims. I'm waiting for PO to tell the Muslims to stop rioting because he is ONE OF THEM. Then he drops to his knees on his prayer rug. I know, I'm out of my freaking mind, I'm insane, and am not dealing with reality. Oh yeah! Wait and see.
  15. "I'm not real sure exactly what the President has to do with any of this but I guess if it makes you guys feel better, have at it." mrnn ANSWER #1: DUH! PO's weak kneed reaction a day later and his world apologetic tour has everything to do with it. If he were a real leader no one would do that. "The Muslim Brotherhood condemned the attacks. The Libyan government has done the same. It was a despicable act in retaliation for a despicable movie. Senseless death. Why make it political?" mrnn ANSWER #2: DUH! What planet do you live on? It's ALL political. Put down the kool-aide.
  16. When our American flag is torn down and destroyed that is an attack on America (Egypt). When our consulate is attacked, burned and our ambassador is killed that is an attack on America. (Libya). These are acts of war! The attacks were because of some movie about Mohammond. And what does the US state department do? They send a statement APOLOGIZING for the movie. But then PO says they don't approve of the statement. Well what are you going to do about it mr. PO???? NOTHING! He is too busy on the campaign trail telling lies as usual so he can get re-elected. America should have sent in Navy seals to each location. They should have sent jets flying over each countries capital and then issued a statement that we consider it attack against our counrty and demand an apology from Libya and egypt. PO was such a wus on taking action in both Libya and Egypt is why the Muslim Brotherhood took over. You reap what you sow and PO ain't no farmer. DEFEND FREEDOM! DEFEAT OBAMA!
  17. The track coach at Paulding said if you go around the track and then circle around the building (indoor group events) andback it is 1 1/2 miles. I go one way and then go the other which makes it a good change. Go o the right for more down hill and other seems a little more hilly.
  18. Could the vandalism been done by a rival school? Could be. They would figure EPHS students would get blamed. Just bide your time because the stupid persons that did this just can't keep fom bragging. And when they are caught not only should they have to clean it up or pay for the clean up but they should go to jail. Stupid is as stupid does.
  19. To get social security you must have a birth certificate to prove who you are. So how do the 'elderly' get SS with no birth certificate. People find a way to get to the liqour store and show ID as well as getting a driver's license. Your argument doesn't hold water. And it's a priviledge to vote and not a right. And it cost nothing to get a state ID card. If you want to get after a stupid law why not go after the requirements to get a driver's license. I have had a license since I was 14 so why now do they want to see my SS card, birth certificate and other forms of ID. Our FED gov't. has gone overboard. Kind of reminds you of what Germany did to 'control' the people. But then again you have to show your papers where ever you go. A police officer can require you toshow ID when driving any where in the US.
  20. There is an ad on TV that shows people shaking something on food called SENSA. It's supposed to help you loose weight. Has anyone tried it?
  21. I am more inclined to believe that if Obama is NOT re-elected we will have civil unrest. Just judging from the past when things don't go the way certain people like they result in extreme violence. The animals just go bonkers. Do you think some of these random shootings (NY today) is a prelude to coming events? Is it true the government has been building camps to house people that cause unrest? Maybe the Mormans have a good idea about storing food and such to last a year not only because of civil unrest but because of the food shortages that may happen due to drought.
  22. If I had 4 weeks to live I would go sky diving, rocky mountain climbing, ride a bull named Fu-Man-Chu, love deeper, speak sweeter and be running when the sand runs out. The Tim McGraw song says it all. Seeing no one knows but God when you will be called home it's best to love everyone, forgive everyone and praise the Lord for your time on earth. I hug all my children and tell them how much I love them. Even the men sons ages 43 and 34 along with the four girls and especially all my grands. Only by God's grace will you go to heaven. So even when we disagree and some get on my last nerve I just pray and pray. Prayer is powerful as is God's forgiveness and love. Want to hear a good CD? Listen to "Three Crosses". I even pray for Pubby. And always for JJ who IS a tough bird. Can't find a smarter, kinder person. Had to make him slow down when he helped me. I had trouble keeping up with him.
  23. If they are real oak floors and not pre-engineered type you can clean them with varsol if you can find some one selling iot. After cleaning apply two coats of Johnson's wax, buffing in between.
  24. I have an American Flyer train set in the original boxes I got Christmas when I was 11 (1952). Car that lets off auto still works as does smoker. Any idea where to go to get it appraised?
  25. Want to learn about what went on in Paulding County during the war go to Pickett's Mill Battleground Park. The ranger there will give you a good lesson on the war. In 1864 there was the battle of New Hope (monument and signs there), battle of Pickett's Mill (now state historical park), and the battle of Dallas. And in Dallas go visit the Civil War park downtown which is dedicated to the confederate soldiers. Varying height of fountains symbolizes troops marching off to defend the Southern states.
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