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  1. Adventure Outdoors in Marietta.
  2. Seems you are more excited that your kids. Just let them play with it once in a while. Been there, done that. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  3. How about everyone meet at the lake at the Hiram park and bring your favorite alcoholic beverage. Then we can all strip down and go for a swim. See you there at 12 noon if we are still here.If that wouldn't scare away the apocalypse I don't know what would.
  4. What about all the young men killed in Atl every day over drugs. There is a ban on illegal drugs but people are killed every day and it's banned. Guess what? If they banned all guns the killings would still go on over illegal drugs. Maybe we should invite the drug cartels from Mexico to come up to Atl and let them shoot it out. We could sure clean up the drug problem. But there would always be some nut case with a gun. On all the multiple killings at schools how many times did the seating president attend a memorial ceremony?
  5. Evil is not in the guns but rather evil is in the person holding the gun. Cigarettes kill more people a year than guns and it cost a lot for the care of lung disease. No ban on cigarettes. Cars kill more people than guns. No ban on cars. Over 3,000 died on 911 so why don't we ban airplanes. What about alcohol? Drunk driving kills hundreds every year. No ban on alcohol. Did you know the CT. legislature voted down a bill a couple of weeks ago that would have forced the kid killer to put in an institution. Write the CT. legislature and lay the blame on them. An AR-15 is needed when you go deer hunting and a herd of deer charge you. And what about geese feeding on the ground? Have you walked up fast to them? They will attack. As to an army, did you know there are 3 times more hunters in the US than we have troops from all services? A lot of troops are hunters also. That's one reason we are allowed weapons. No country would invade us because we would send in a half dozen south Alabama hunters and wipe them out.
  6. Pray for the souls of all the children and adults that were murdered today. The devil is hard at work in our society. We don't need a costly government program to study why people do this to their fellow man. What we need is prayer back in the schools and parents who pay close attention to their children when growing up. A lot of the violence began years ago. Look at a lot of kids today that have tattoos and think it's cool to be disrespectful. Where are their parents? They are too busy doing "their" own thing. Families today don't seem as close as when us old farts were growing up. Sometimes when you think you have raised your child to be a good responsible Christian they do something stupid. Hug your children every day and tell them you love them even if they think it's nerdy. PRAY! PRAY!
  7. What days are you thinking of playing? I used to play a lot but in the same boat as you........exercise and loose weight. Doctor told me I need to eat less and move more. Told him I bend my elbow as much as possible. He didn't laugh.
  8. Can you post a picture? What mix is the dog?
  9. There was a case here in Paulding several years ago where a wife went to her estranged husbands house to pick up medicine and he gave her divorce papers. She pulled out a gun and shot him in the shoulder and continued firing at him as he ran straight down the hall. She missed hitting him. I heard he tried to not get her charged but she violated the law. Not sure what ever happen in the final out come. But be sure NOT to upset your wife is important.
  10. How many of you have a survival plan in case of any emergency? Are you prepared for a sever snow or ice storm (probably have to go to the north pole based on today's weather)? What is the main items you would get from a grocery store if you knew we were going to have a extended snow/ice storm? Milk? Bread? Alcohol? How many have purchased the advertised survival guide (37 crucial food items plus order stuff) or any other survival guides? I plan on partying Dec 22nd and 23rd. Besides, we must have the bowl games first. And if you plan on partying like hell just remember you are going to be the bar-b-q.
  11. Undoubtedly you weren't paying attention to what states wanted to secede or you just have a closed mind. The latter is probably correct. EVERY state in the union signed petitions to secede. It wasn't JUST the Southern states. They signed the petitions because they are fed up with the way our country is going toward a socialist government. Trouble is that most of the liberals that like socialism are either living of the other tax payers or are just dumb and don't understand what socialism leads to and that is communism. It doesn't take a lot of smarts to figure it out but then again we have to remember who we are dealing with on the subject.
  12. The Dawgs have nothing to be ashamed of in that game. Just a last minute screw up and it happens to some of the best teams. After Clemson I'm a Bama fan but I kind of wanted Georgia to win for a change.
  13. The best hot wings in Paulding are MINE. After I buy the wings, cut them apart, wash off the gunk, if any, I salt and pepper them I then deep fry in peanut oil. I then put them in a bowl and add my special (secret) sauce. Every time Clemson (my alma mater) plays football on TV I fix them. My children and grands love them. Usually buy four trays. Don't try and save money and get them from Food Depot. They are little and not much meat. Sam's has the best followed by Kroger. I'll match mine against Hooters are any other in the area.
  14. She may have problems bigger than alcohol. Most of us can say there but by the Grace of God go I. Pray she gets help.
  15. And what is going to happen if Congress can't reach an agreement on taxes going up in January? Also what if they can't agree on changing the designated budget cuts coming in January? All hell will break lose. We already have seen prices rising, especially food prices. And when the Obamanites want to raise the debt ceiling it will be worse. We, thanks to all you liberal weenies voting for BO, will start to be like Greece and third world countries. And you know what? Obama doesn't give a crap about you. It's all about him. He will do his best to reward the unions and his other puppets. Of course he has to get Valarie Jarrett's permission or instructions. FORWARD........to the downfall of America. ONWARD.........to more poverty and the downfall of the middle class. UPWARD.........with more people on the federal dole with food stamps and welfare. Hope you "weenies" are happy. And when you are hit financially and start to suffer don't open your mouth. YOU are part of the coming worsening problem. Oh, and what about Dec. 21st. Is that when Obamacrap is going to declare himself dictator? He might as well because you yo-yo's would approve it.
  16. It has been predicted that we will have a wetter and colder winter. We will have a good snow before the end of the year. But then all hell will break lose on Dec. 21st.
  17. IF OBAMA WINS THE PROPER WAY TO FLY THE AMERICAN FLAG IS UPSIDE DOWN BECAUSE WE WILL BE IN DISTRESS. http://paulding.com/forum/uploads/monthly_11_2012/post-20733-0-83715300-1352153538_thumb.png
  18. What does your BS on Mississippi abooorization have to do with who we think will win? As usual if you can't state facts and stay on subject you try to change the subject to something different. Typically you. You have no grounds so you get away from the facts. Are you sure you voted for Romney? Are you eligible to actually vote or are just stirring the pot?
  19. But I thought the biggest concern was the ozone depletion caused by cow/cattle farts. That was a big deal several years ago. So we don't add to this problem does that mean we need to stop making pork and beans, pickled pigs feet and pickled eggs and stop drinking beer if we still keep them? Always some wacky environmental concerns from wacky want-to-be environmentalist. You never find reference from history books were the THOUSANDS of bison caused global warning much less an excess of farts. For thousands of years people used to cook and heat with a fire and then there were the coal fired trains. No global warming. Actually we are going through a global cooling period. But don't worry. On Dec' 21 this year it will all be over.
  20. Why did the bulldog run back in his house? Because he couldn't beat a chicken. GO COCKS
  21. God's grace and blessings for JJ's family. Johnny was one of a kind. He is helping God build more mansions in heaven. Peace Johnny.
  22. Michelle Obama had to get her two cents worth to help her incompetent husband. When Crowley made the incorrect remark agreeing with Obama saying he said it was a terrorist attack the next day after the attack, she broke the rules. After Crowley said that Michelle clapped. Broke the rules. But wait. She's the president's wife and can do anything. Now tell me she just was so excited she couldn't help herself. This must have been the second time in her life she was proud to be an American. Go to this site for proof she clapped. Its near the end of the video and she is seen on the bottom right clapping. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2012/10/17/michelle_obama_broke_agreed_upon_rules_clapped_at_debate.html
  23. The format did help Obama because the moderator helped Obama a lot by cutting off Romney. And it was obvious that several question were plants. We all know you would vote for Obama even if he didn't show up.
  24. Other than that fat B_ _ _ _ cutting off Romney several times and helped Obama, Romney won. Why? Because when he hit a nerve with Obama, he, Obama got out of his chair and confronted Romney. That showed Obama knew Romney was winning and he had to try and survive. And the biggy was when Obama said two days after the attack he went to the rose garden and said it was a terrorist attack. WRONG! Obama's people like Sec of UN Rice lied on TV Sunday on 5 different networks and even Carey said at a WH briefing it was the movie. Then 5 days later when Obama was on the 'View' he said all the info was not in. People this was AFTER Sec of State people said they knew the same day it was a terrorist act. Obama LIED again. If you don't believe it you shouldn't be allowed to vote because it has been on the news. Obama has done nothing but lie to make himself look good. He could care less about the four deaths as long as he wins. After all he did say the incident in Libya was a bump in the road. How would you feel if that insignificant bump was your child's death?
  25. They only did that for the democrats. If they educate people they will learn to think for themselves and not believe all the BS from the likes of PO. It's like why do they have so many pictures in 'Life' magazine? It's because people can't or are too lazy to read and they just look at the pretty pictures. A lot of those people are still around and can be seen sitting for a while at a four way stop because they don't THINK. Go to the four way at Bobo and Macland.
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