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  1. Here is my put: I have stopped wearing my Glock ball cap because it seems to intimidate some people so now I just wear my NRA cap. One lady at the grocery store sarcastically said to me "I bet you carry a gun." I replied by pulling back my coat and showing her my gun and said "Yes ma'am and if you need any help I'll be there for you". She just smirked and walked off. Several people nearby smiled and one gave me the thumbs up. Parents that have troubled children should constantly monitor their behavior. Adults that are repeat offenders for domestic violence should be watched. Also adults that have drinking or drug problems need watching. These people need to be put on the 'NO BUY' list.
  2. I was wondering who that stranger was that was eating with us last night. We had the same thing except the fresh baked baguettes.
  3. I think they should add a 25% tax on people that make stupid statements. Wait, that might about a third of P.commers. Of course being the one that made this suggestion exempts me. lol
  4. Maybe lowering the height of the poles would be a start. Who do you contact at county.
  5. Another thing is when you fill your pool go tothe water dept. and ask them the name of someone that fills pools. They hook a fire hose up to a hydrant and it has a meter. They pay the fee which is part of your fill bill. The pool company might and should know someone.
  6. What really gets me is the wrecks at Bobo and MacLand. How stupid do you have to be at a four way stop. Cancel that. There are people that come to the intersection and can't figure out who is next. Come observe some time. The idiots accumulate there.
  7. If marketing is the problem then PO has cornered the market. He has done more for the gun industry than Charlton Heston ever could. When he and his goof ball liberal friends start talk about banning guns every one - men, women, black, white, Hispanic, Asian - go out and armed themselves. People want to have protection with guns bigger than their neighbor. I was at Sports Academy Saturday to pick up a none gun item and went by the gun area to see if they had any 9mm. They were sold out of most ammo and guns. I mentioned going to the gun show and a man told me it would be a waste because there were at least a thousand people there and they were not only about of ammo but also guns. AJC article mention this guy bought an AK-47 for $1,000 when they usually sell for $450. The US Chamber of Commerce should give PO an award for improving the economy in the gun industry. And if you could by bazookas across the shelf they would sell fast also.
  8. We live in a society that has an obsession for guns. Whether hunting, collecting or just want to have one in your home is legal. How many times do you here people out in public brag about the weapons they own. Practically never. We nor the federal gov't. are going to confiscate your guns unless we let them by changing to a dictatorship. Greece and other European countries have rioted over fiscal problems. We seem to be more civilized. At least right now. I don't think anyone foresees citizens arming and marching to DC to take over and change the gov't. It's done at the polls but the problem is we have an illiterate electorate. They hear blurbs, sound bites and lies and believe them. Look at who elected PO. I think it’s ironic since today is MLK day and Obama was elected for the opposite reason MLK professed. And it’s also ironic that today is ‘Blue Monday’ because it is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. Governments have always been over thrown by it's military. In the US today I don't see that happening. Maybe if things get worse and a certain person in power really oversteps his authority. It's ironic that PO, Biden and the progressive (and some of you herein) are so adamant and passionate about gun control to "save" the children but will not address the thousands of children murdered by surgical means. And PO mention the other day that over 900 people had died by guns since Sandy Hook. Did he break it down like killed by law enforcement in process of a crime, accidents, robberies, home invasions or CHICAGO THUGS. No, because it wouldn't draw supporters. But many believe his crap? Shameful.
  9. I think it’s ironic since today is MLK day and Obama was elected for the opposite reason MLK professed. And it’s also ironic that today is ‘Blue Monday’ because it is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. Aren't you excited?
  10. Just got back in town. So you're saying Rather lied about facts and you are admitting you aren't exactly telling the facts??
  11. I'm driving my Abram that day. And when I go in a store my RPG will be on my back. Any complaints?
  12. And so what's wrong with McDonald's in Hiram???????????????????lol
  13. PHS had a big leak that shorted out the power and I heard the boiler. May take several days to fix. We live 4 miles down Old Cartersville and had heavy snow for 5 minutes and that was all. If you look at the radar there is to be a loop around the power plant which causes a lot of us not to get snow. Someone said the hills between Dallas and Rome also causes us to miss bad weather. Tell that to the ones that got hit by the tornado last year.
  14. Lighten up former member. The quote by Washington was to make a point not to have you spew your knowledge of history. Stifle it. Here's one to ponder and it involves both Bush a PO. I'm really ticked that Bush didn't close our boarders. It has been reported that people from the mid-east have come into this country from Mexico. There are rumors of Islamic sleeper cells in our country. We know how PO has been sucking of to these people (remember PO doesn't want us to hurt their feelings by calling them terrorist). Say the "assault" ban goes through and no one can buy any more and also no 30 round mags. All of a sudden these sleeper cells wake up and start attacking every where.....schools, malls, grocery store, ball games, etc. What are we to do, wait on PO to send help.BS This is why we need to NOT ban these weapons. PERIOD! And don't say it won't happen. They are on the rise in Europe and it may well happen here knowing we have a pansy for a president that is a self serving narcissistic pacifier. You really don't want me to tell you how I really feel.
  15. Have any of you actually read the 23 items PO signed today in his executive order? Read it. Not one single thing or collection of those items will every stop a mass killing like Sandy Hook. It was all grandstanding and a poor cheap shot using kids as a prop. He should be a shamed but since he is so callous and a narcissistic he doesn't care. He had that ridiculous smirk on his face as usual. What a klutz. You have to understand former member. She said she is not a member of the British Empire. She was asked if she was an American citizen but she never answered. She was probably a British Empire citizen and like all of them they really haven't gotten over it. They still call us rebels. She probably has a red coat uniform in her closet. Funny how those from other countries want to tell us what to believe. Delta has your ticket ready when you are. OK, the killing in Sandy Hook was horrible. But what about all the children that were murdered by their mothers with the help of their doctor. The children at Sandy Hook were 5 to 6. The murdered children I refer to NEVER had a chance. Besides, had they been able to live they could have contributed to social security. See what you liberals missed. Fact is we live in a society with guns. Lots of guns. The morals of this country has reached a low. People don't care about each other. Do what feels good and the hell with everything else. And as I mention at the top of this post PO wouldn't talk much about violent video games and violence in movies. He did a one liner on video games and NOTHING about violence in the movies. That's the Demos money pool so you don'r slap the hands that feed you.
  16. Very Shortly (11:45) we will see what PO, the first American dictator want-a-be, will say. The AJC had an editorial cartoon showing an Oscar holding an assault rifle. My prediction is he won't say much, if any, about Hollywood and movie violence nor will he say much about violet video games. he, like all the other anti gun liberals want to ban guns. Where countries have had overthrown their government it has always been by the military. PO better stop dissing the military because it just might come back to bite him in the arsse. Do I really have to give up my b-b-gun and 50 year old single shot 20 gauge shotgun?
  17. I saw where the Asian restaurant Great Wall of China got a score of 57. Stay clear.
  18. Wednesday PO is supposed to present his take (literally) on gun control. He has said he will use the powers granted him as president. Do you think he will use his executive powers to band assault weapons (should be evil guns)? Does he have the power to do it? He said: “I am confident that there are some steps that we can take that don’t require legislation,” he continued, “and that are within my authority as president and where get a step that has the possibility to reduce the possibility of gun violence, then I want to go ahead and take it.” As to executive power: While they do bypass the U.S. Congress and the standard legislative law making process, no part of an executive order may direct the agencies to conduct illegal or unconstitutional activities. Executive orders are not to be used to bypass the legislative branch, but they are to be used simply under the executive branch. In other words they can be used to direct executive agencies on implementing Congressional approved legislation. Typically these are used for the purpose of: 1. Operational management of the executive branch 2. Operational management of federal agencies or officials 3. To carry out statutory or constitutional presidential responsibilities So the question we have to deal with is “Is it possible that Barack Obama could sign an executive order to impose gun control?” The answer is, “Yes, it is possible he could sign such an executive order.” The issue though, is whether or not such an executive order would be lawful and upheld by the Congress or the Supreme Court. Congress may pass a law that alters an executive order, and they can be declared unconstitutional and vacated by the Supreme Court. And when the Supreme Court rejects his executive order he needs to be impeached. He is trying to be America's first dictator. And he is on the rode to make it happen.
  19. To you bleeding heart liberals that may have been offended by conservatives that use logic and common sense: SORRRRRRRRRRRY!!!!!! And for those that questions facts I will use Hillary's famous statement: WHATEVER!
  20. First of all the liberal news media got in wrong in the Connecticut mass shooting. And Our inept government leaders are following. They report that the killings were caused by an assault weapon and it just mushroomed from there. BAN ALL ASSAULT WEAPONS! Well go read the truth and facts. The crazy had an assault weapon IN HIS CAR. He shot the people with two pistols. But all the idiots are screaming ban assault weapons like the Bushwhacker. BS!!!! Pubby you wrote: "Heck even those who apply for concealed carry are not disturbed by the fact that LEO has their name, weapon, etc. LEO already has those records computerized for law abiding citizens ..." Pubby you need to do more research. When you apply for a license to carry they do a background check, take your fingerprints but DO NOT ask what kind of weapon you have. And why are they worried about only 20 people in Connecticut (which is horrible)? Why aren't PO, Biden, Holder and the quirky mayor of Chicago Rom Emanuel going after guns in Chicago. Check this out: Report: 532 Murdered in Chicago in 2012 The website also claims that, through December 25, 2012, there 2,670 people were shot in Chicago last year. That's also an increase from the year before, when 2,217 people were shot in Chicago that year. In all, it means that on average almost 1.5 people were murdered in Chicago each day last year, while on average 7.3 people were shot each day. http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/report-532-murdered-chicago-2012_693417.html I guess the people in Chicago don't count. Why isn't anyone asking PO about this issue? And if the mentally ill or disturbed people is a concern then why not create a national data base that all dealers can view showing those that cannot buy guns. It could be like the 'Do Not Fly' list. Once these people apply for a gun and are rejected due to mental problems they would go on the 'No Gun Purchased' list. They won't do this because it's easy and will not cost a lot once established. Instead PO and his liberal idiots (sorry is I offend any idiots herein) believe banning assault weapons and large magazines will solve the problem. WHAT NUTS!
  21. For all those that don't like the oil companies getting millions in subsidies and agree with PO and Pelosi to take it away from those rich oil companies you need to know one important thing. The oil companies will RAISE the price of oil and gas prices. All you 'do-gooders' and anti big corporation haters fail to realize higher taxes for these companies will bring inflation which results in higher prices and services. Some of you are still blind to PO goal of class warfare. Remember what the Nazis did in Germany against the Jews because Hitler said they controlled the banks? Remember what the Communist did that caused the 1917 revolution? Now there are democrat congressmen pushing to do away with allowing the president to serve only two terms. That way PO can continue his purge of our constitution and free enterprise. To this day I am still amazed at how some of you are being blindly led down the path to our country's destruction. What is the old saying..........fools rush in where wise mean fear to go.
  22. #1 You seem to have the personality of PO......... narcissistic. #2 You really need to get over yourself in 2013. #3 You need to hear the song "You're So Vain". Happy New Year. I look forward to your "enlightened" post in the coming year.
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