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  1. If they haven't come to Dallas and you find out what day and time, we all should take a brown bag lunch to the square and sit on the sidewalk for lunch. A late protest about the closing of the downtown resturant. Now that would make the Dallas politicians proud.
  2. You win the cupie doll for being correct. For the past eight years they have made fun of Bush with some cartoons being way out of line but that was OK. Seems if you make fun of or criticize PBO you will be called a racist. It's the only way some people can find a way to shut people up of whom they disagree. They will use the race card every time. Even Congressman Cylburne used it recently about some Southern Govenors not wanting to take the stmulus funds. He said he was racist because it affected the "black" belt. Notice SNL and other comedy shoiw don't make fun of PBO like they did Bush? DOUBLE STANDARD.
  3. I agree. But we also need to remember that the economic situation right now is not conducive for business growth. Improvements and growth will not happen overnight. The BOC can't work miracles. They will have to try and keep cost under control and cut spending where practical. One thing we don't need is another property tax increase because of mistakes of the past BOC. The biggist disappointment, of which there is no excuse, is the attempt by the previous leadership to further Paulding as a bedroom community. Yes, I know we have an airport but what good is it with no terminal, etc. and we have an industrial park but look at the numbers. More subdivisions were allowed than effort for industry. If you doubt me look at who gave contributions to our former leader. It will be YEARS before the existing subdivisions will be completely built out. Logic, common sense and sound leadership are needed and self serving and greed are not. Keep the faith, be patient and give the new administration a chance. It's only January 10th.
  4. Johnny J I just heard of Darlene's passing and I am very sorry for yours and Nathan's loss. Darlene always had a smile. If there is anything I can do please call. Our prayers are with you and your family. May God's love surround you during this time.
  5. This new law is another example of how our liberal government is "taking care of us". They think we are so stupid and they must protect us from ourselves. The gov't. has taken away more and more of our rights in the name of "protection". The best thing that could happen is we vote out the idiots who are running the ship. Look at the economic mess we are in now. Who caused it? Our congress makes the laws. Where is the sanity. They all act like they are holy-than-thou and it is THEIR money they are spending. Why hasn't there been a big push on putting higher taxes on alcohol? Why is there not more medical call for what alcohol does to you and it's dangers like there is for smoking? It's because most of our congress members are lushes and boozers. Does Ted Kennedy smoke? NO. Does Ted Kennedy drink? BOOZER!
  6. Our County will be making progress this year. It will be a positive change. David will keep us informed and, along with the other BOC, will do what's right for the County to grow. They have a lot to do to regroup the administration but we all must be positive and do our share to support the BOC and make sure they know our concerns are followed within reason. I'm very optimistic about our new County administration.
  7. We had a woman come to our door, told us she was in the area to inform people of their product and handed me a can of air freshner as a gift (said it was a gift) along with a printed hand out. She mentioned a cleaning brand I had never heard of and I said we didn't need any. She said let me get it for you and show you whereas she immediately went ot her car/van and brought back a box with the name 'Kirby' on it. I said thanks anyway but we aren't interested and said have a nice day and closed the door. This is the kicker. She asked if I thought our neighbor would be interested in a free gift and demo and I said go ask them. She stood there a minute and I asked what else did she want. SHE WANTED THE FREE GIFT BACK and printed hand out. Can you believe it. I gave her the gift and thoroughly admonished her and told her how unethical it was and would report her and slammed the door. I didn't give her the printed hand out. I called the number and told them and they said, oh sorry it won't happen again. I said well then get the woman to bring me back the gift. Want to bet she will? Ha. This happened in a subdivision off Old Cartersville Hwy. My wife was busy is why I answered the door. She said she wouldn't have given the gift back.
  8. Smart business move for Rodney and Pastor Matt. With the new court house opening people can get something good to eat close by without having to go to Hiram. Price on Saturday wings sounds good. Catch you when college football over. Are you open for breakfast like New Hope? GOOD LUCK.
  9. I am interested in letting people know I just started a business in Paulding. I am also new to P.C and love it. My wife says I spend too much time on it but loves the remarks I read to her. can I make one plug for my business for free? How do I purchase a commerce membership?
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