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  1. Wing back chairs are $75 each. Go to "Got The Goods' for address. Thanks
  2. I'm having an estate sale since my wife past earlier this year. I don't need all the fine china and crystal plus numerous ladies shoes and clothes. I am also selling my house because it is way too big. Moving to a smaller place but must get rid of a lot of things. Go to 'Got The Goods' to see details and location. Thurs, Fri, Sat in Saddlebrooke Farms. Thanks
  3. It’s a shame and a disgrace that Syria used chemical weapons. However why is PO now calling for a strike now when there have been thousands murdered by Assad and his troops. Pure politics. It takes off pressure off all then crap he has done illegally. Pubby, bombing those that pushed the button is ludicrous. All Assad will do is get someone else to push the button. Obama sat back when Egypt was in turmoil. Why didn’t he do something then? Did he favor the Muslim Brotherhood? Yes, Egypt had a dictator but sometimes we, the US, has to work with the lesser of two evils. Since PO didn’t do anything in Egypt the MB took over. Now they are on the verge of another civil war. Firing missiles will make PO feel good and powerful but he hasn’t a clue what would happen much less care. And both McCann and Lindsey are sell outs just so they could get “special wording” in the statement. PO should be impeached for malfeasance of office. Totally incompetent. Look at the employment rate, economy and other stupid things he has done (boots on ground wasn’t there and he laughed about it). But there are those that still wear the rose colored glasses and would believe and do anything PO wanted. That’s the real shame. Good that some democrats and some of those uneducated electorates are waking up. Stay out of Syria. If what Assad did is against international law then the UN should do something. Pubby as you said you hoped a Syrian soldier would disobey Assad maybe we need a US soldier disobey PO order and not fire a missile.
  4. Yesterday I put a blog to sale two ice cream bowls with Clinton's crest in bottom that are from when he was Governor of Arkansas. China made by Syracuse China. Gold trim around bowl edge. For sale for $15.00 a piece or both for $25.00. Reason so cheap is they have a small chip on the edge but not cracked. Authentic as I have checked them on line. GUESS WHAT? NO DEMOCRATS RESPONDED. ARE YOU DEMOCRATS NOT INTERESTED OR IS IT YOU JUST DON'T LIKE CLINTON? Will be worth a lot more when Hillary is elected. Don't hesitate to jump on this bargain. I have to download photos and send by P.com email if you are seriously interested. My Mother-In-Law was a big Demo in S. C.
  5. Did PCSO ever release the name of the deceased? Did they have any children? If so who is looking after them? Is the wife OK other than being traumatized.? Is she getting counseling? We need to reach out to this family and help them.
  6. For members that want to use the bar and other top facilities will cost about $800 a year. Not sure what us peons will have to pay to shoot.
  7. I put a request from P.commers for a estate sale company and before I could have time to get back and write down the names it was GONE. What gives????
  8. I have a half PU truck of cardboard that needs to be gone. No cost. Just come and get it and take to recycle and you can have money. Send me a messgae if you want to make some cash.
  9. A friend told me about a NY pizzeria that not only has great pizza but great sandwiches. It's called Siracusa's and is located on East-West Parkway in Cobb. I went and got an Italian panini which was delicious. I'm going back to try their Syracuse wings. Check it out on line and I know you will love the food choices. Now that I've lost excess weight I am picky about what I eat but the food i worth a few extra time on the treadmill. Beer, wine and also family friendly. And i don't know who owns it.
  10. Problem with Publix in New hope is that it is too small and doesn't offer a more variety of brands. A lot of times they don't have items in their flyers. It's also a training store and that's why you see so many manager turn overs. We need a better grocery in Hiram other than Wally. Public moved out too early and then Kroger. Some say they don't shop Kroger at 61/278 but the parking lot is full every day. The Kroger at the Avenue has under gone a 95% make over with a lot of selections. And their deli is real good. They are capturing a lot of customers with the UG. Too bad Dallas didn't approve Sunday alcohol sales. Maybe there would be another grocery chain coming in. A Publix at hwy 61/278 would not be a good choice due to traffic. A smart and thrifty shopper will check all the ads and oick up itmes from different stores and use coupons. Not just one store because you like the one place. Sometimes Wally in Hiram looks dirty. We need a Red Lobster or Olive Garden in Hiram area.
  11. They probably will have a fountain at the top that spews up periodically like the one at yellowstone.
  12. Thanks everyone for the inputs. So many good ideas. Forgot Scalinis with their private booths and great food. Trying to get back to 'normal' whatever that is. There is a church lady I know who is hurting from a really bad marriage and getting a divorce. I lost my wife, the love of my life. The lady knows my condition. She has one kind of lose and I another. We were friends before the loses and are just trying to help each other through it. Nothing personal/romantic but we just need a place without all the loud noise and drama. We do hug at church but I hug a lot of the women in our loving church. Christian love. Our pastor has been counseling us separately and when he learned I was talking to her about her divorce he thought it was great. I was divorced from my first wife in 1972 so I've been through hell. Couldn't take her out in public because she would try to snort up the white lines in the road. Four years later an angel saved me. Best decision I ever made. Over 37 years on a high. Brought me back to God. Thanks again for the help. As usual P.commers are the best people in the USA.
  13. Where in Paulding or Cobb is there a restaurant close by that a couple can go to and have some privacy.... somewhat so they can talk. Does Aspen have booths? What about Macoroni Grill? Is there a place in Hiram? Help.
  14. The sky is falling, the sky is falling. Pubby you covered a lot of issues that the liberals are pushing.What's next, milk has harmones that cause young girls to have big breat at age 12? A lot of boys are diagnosed as autism because the teachers don't want to deal with little boys that act like little boys. So they get the parents to agree to give them drugs to calm them down. Funny when I was growing up all my friends and I behaved like typical boys but we weren't drugged. We made it and the teachers dealt with it. Today there are so many "experts" out there that parents are not sure which way to go. And everyone knows that all foods....that's all food, have some chemicals in them but you are not going to drop dead or go bonkers because the level is so low. The best thing is to watch what you eat and make sure you don't panic or have a heart attack because some "expert" says some foods are bad. So don't go running around screaming like a maniac that the sky is falling. It's just being lowered.
  15. I thought everyone knew the three main food groups start with a "B": BEER - BUTTER - BACON I know people that go to the gym three days a week but still eat like always and then wonder why they can't loose weight. It does take will power. I cut way down on beer (now 1 a week as a reward) and white food (bread, potatoes, etc.) and have been going to the gym and have lost 25 pounds so far. And have built up my muscles which weigh more than fat. Still got a way to go but at least I'm not carrying that kid around on my body. Feel a lot better and sleep sounder.
  16. I have an older XLT loaded SUV that is in great shape mechanically and cosmetics but I was thinking of leasing a vehicle like a small SUV. At my age I don't want to rob my IRA or finance with big payments. I have seen where it's a good deal for retirees but you have to watch the wording on the contracts. My credit is real good so I wouldn't have a problem there.
  17. You must be referring to the four way stop at Macland and Bobo. It amazes me how many idiots can't remember when they got at the stop sign and who should go next. And what REALLY PMO is the ones going straight sit and wait for a car going coming across wait until that car has fully crossed the intersection and then go. Not to mention the good Samaritan that continues to let others go and cars line up behind their car. DUH! Take these idiots off the road. One other is people that have all day to go somewhere doing 10 to 15 mph below speed limit with no regard for others behind them. And I'm not talikg about older drivers. Usually someone on the phone or, against the law, texting.
  18. Want to see another unexplained view of a ghost? Go to Pickett's Mill Battlefield Park. They have a picture of an ghost that can't be explained. The battlefield is said to have numerous sightings of soldiers from time to time. When walking the trails you sometimes you have the feeling you are being watched. Spooky. A year from now when the 150 year of the battle is recognized they may have midnight walks to see and hear moans of the dead. Battle of Dallas May 28, 1864 Federals killed or wounded 2,400 Confederate killed or wounded 3,000 Battle of New Hope May 25, 1864 Federals killed or wounded 1,200 Confederates 900 Battle of Pickett's Mill May 27, 1864 Federals killed or wounded 3,000 Confederates 1,600
  19. I agree 125%. If you can't act like you have a little class you can kiss my a$$. Pulling over for a funeral is respect for the dead and for the family. If you can't do that then take 75 or 85 and head back where you came from because you are not welcome. Simulate or evacuate. And youse guys don't let me catch you not opening a door for a female.
  20. That's a great idea. Some churches offer counselling but they can be impersonal. It needs to be tight knit group like therapy where you offer each other help in confidence. Seems like Senior Center should offer something but there needs to be a professional leader which means there might be a few unless they do it for free in the evenings. Some people have depression and are lonely but don't want others to know. Older pastors seem to me to be more compassionate. Does anyone know of a local pastor that had psychology when they studied to be a minister? Just remember God is in control so hang in there.
  21. Where is Al Gore when you need him? Probably hiding out somewhere in the Mediterranean.
  22. I will probably be mourning for a while. It can’t be helped and I wouldn't want to not mourn for my wife. I know, or at least I've been told, it won’t last forever or will it. When you lose a mate it’s like losing an arm, part of your brain and breaks your heart. Although there will be grieving at night there will be joy in the morning. God has a hand in my life and I will let him lead me. I know my life is not over and each one of us has a purpose. You may never know what it is until you meet your maker. But while I am here I will not stand still, I will not give up and I will still praise God for the time I had with my spouse. And I have beautiful memories that no one can take away. My pastor gave me a book called “A Time to Mourn and a Time to Dance” by Margaret Metzgar. The title is from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. It has been a great help. It covers most types of grief. Highly recommend it. It has helped me a lot. That all of you for understanding and for your prayers. Bless you. I pray a lot these days. And to show you I am still there I will continue to slam those that advocate liberalism but with a little less vigor and more humility. LOL
  23. You have to be responsible but you don't have to grow up. If you start thinking you are old you might as well just sign up for a geriatric home. Life is about choices and whether you are 20, 30 or 60 if you make the wrong choice you will pay for it. There are a lot of 30 and 35 year old that are not responsible because their parents cuddled them and didn't explain the facts of life like get a job. At some point these people will learn the hard way about life and it will be too late.
  24. I can definitely relate. I lost my wife last month after 37 wonderful years. It hurts and you can be lonely. Mornings and evenings are tough for me. That was our special times. So much to remember ans miss. Some people have said if you need anything or just want to talk just call me. Not really. They are just being nice. Lucky for me I am in an exercise class and have met some widows and widowers that have had and have now the same feelings. Another group is my church friends. Some are Sunday Christians but I have a few real Christian friends. Unless you have actually been there you will never understand. I can go to the cemetery and talk to my wife and she doesn't get to talk back (LOL). Whether it's your wife or your husband life can be lonely at times. We used to have a joke (she had cancer) and she would say not to worry it would heal before you get married again. One time when she said that I said I'm not getting married again but I might find a 25 year old and just live with her. She quit saying that after my comments. Last month I lost my best friend, my confidant, my lover, my soul mate, my heart throb, my baby, my life, my wife. We knew it was coming but not as fast as it happened. It hurts but I know she is not in pain and is in a better place. Praise God.
  25. My wife's dog used to sleep on the bed at her foot. After she passed it won''t get on the bed and goes under the bed on her side.When we had my wife is a hospital bed in the den the dog stayed right under the bed and I had to pick him up and make him go outside. When he came back inside he always went right back to her. They know when something is happening.
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