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  1. I saw this on news that Georgia was 51 worst state for employment. Obama's team must have put this out. Remember in a speech he said we had 52 states. last time I counted we only had 50. must be new math. We know gov't is lying about unemployment level so why do you think one month Ga shows good level then jumps WAY UP. That's because a Democrate controlled gov't was trying to help Carter get elected govenor. Don't be fooled again. Nuts don't fall far from the tree. Do you want ANOTHER Cartern in office? He is barely wet bhind the ears and inexperienced like PO. Please use common sense. Deal
  2. Haven't been to Chraleston in years and are going sometime in June. Need recommendations on good seafood places and other to eat. Not tourist places. Used to go to Crab House and Shem Creek Bar & Grill but not even sure if they are still there.What recommend to do? Will take carriage ride, go to market place,Folly Beach and Middleton. Suggestions please.
  3. We want to take out our tub and existing small shower and make one big showerwith shower heads on both sides. Who do you recommend to do a professional job? Should it be plastic or all ceramic tiles?
  4. Some stone on the front of my house has come off and the backup plywood sheeting is warping some. Need plywood pulled back in and stones replaced. I have all materials to do the job but need someone to do the work. Basically drill & install lag screws w/washers to pull in plywood then use construction adhesive to put back up some stone using shims to align. And then inject concrete from tubes (polymer) into corner joints.
  5. Need professional movers that have insurance if they damage furniture. I have an offer from two young men that are trying to start a landscape bussiness. I would rent the truck and they would do the moving but I want to make sure everything is protected and done correctly. I have moved myself with help of children but they all don't live here and they have jobs and can't take off the day I need them.
  6. My fiance' is moving to our new home and then I will be moving in once we are married. Need recommendation of company that does moving at a reasonable cost. first move has to take place on Monday, April 7th. My move date is open but around April 13th.
  7. Need the name of someone to clean some gutter since I don't climb up ladders anymore. Not that much. It's on a home that is a ranch in front and basement in back. Both are straight runs. I just saw I had 10 views but no replys. Help so my finace' can complete what home inspector said needed to be done and she completes sale and we can get married.
  8. Purchasing a new home and need it inspected before closing. Would like to have it completed within next two weeks. Do you know of a home inspector?
  9. I'm slowly getting my home ready to sell. I appreciate names for painters. They are almost finished inside and will start outside next week. I need three more differrent helpers. 1. Someone that does small concrete/flagstone work. When they put in my flagstone steps/landing it has settled and the concrete around the flagstone steps and the landing have broken off and the landing has settled causing a gap between the home (stack stone) and landing. Needs repaired. 2. Garage door opener needs fixing. Spring bar (helps lift door) broken. Have new one to install. Also need setting open and
  10. Don't get tp settled in to possible warm weather. The first snow state on the ground 3 days so we will have three snow days. Two down and one to go. Old wives tale but it looks like it might happen. Last night on weather bug (app on my iPAd) showed 50% frozen mix next Friday and Saturday. But being Georgia it could be 70 and sunshine.Crazy weather.
  11. Snow and freezing rain one day and then in the upper 60's the next. Now earthquakes. You ask what's next. Wwell I'll tell you. Hell fire and damnation if we don't find a way to get rid of PO and all his stoogies. He needs to be impeached because he is violating the Constituyion but all those idiot liberals say he is doing the right thing. Well the people in Germany said the same for Hitler. Then in the Russian revolution people took to the streets and took over because they didn't like the rich ruling class. Sound familiar for what PO is saying? PO is turning into a dictator and we are letting
  12. I have a friend that had one piece of vinyl siding that came off and needs to be reattached. Need at least 24 ft ladder. Can someone give me a name and number for someone to fix. Home is in Vista Lake off 278. Also home needs pressure washing. Thanks
  13. I thought he worked on small gas engines.
  14. We have a few monitors, old laptops, towers and printers we need to get rid of but don't know where to take them. I heard there is the place near the transfer station at Seven Hills. Can they go there? What are the hours? Any other place?
  15. Go on line to Sam's. They have better and less expensive than HD or Lowe's.
  16. What restaurant either in Paulding or West Cobb makes the best Southern fried chicken. Please don't tell me Grands or Chick-fil-A. Want some that's lightly battered and able to eat with skin on. Got low cholestorol so that's no problem.
  17. Which one of our esteem commissioners came up with this gem? Was it done with bonds or are we suddenly going to need a change in the mill rate? If you recall the millage was raised because of the lowering of property values. Do you really believe the rate will go back down when property values go back up? Not in our life time. Once they get the money and get more from taxes they will just keep itand dream of more projects that the tax payers don't won't. Didn't this happen before with other commissioners.........hhhmmmm.
  18. Enough of the banter. What's being built? Doesn't anyone have a clue???? THANKS>>>>>>
  19. I've been out of town and drove by the new courthouse and saw all those survey flags and gound had been bull dozed. What are they building there or are they expanding the parking lot?
  20. I want to sell things on the Paulding County On-Line Garage sale. How do you do this? What about the Cedarcrst On-Line Yard Sale? Thanks
  21. I have a pickup truck of cardboard boxes that I need to tke to be recycled. There is a place in Cartersville but don't remember the name. Can someone please help.
  22. The liberal idiot democrats are crying that the CMA and all country music lovers are...are you ready......RACIST! What a--holes. Always calling anyone that disagrees with PO and his socialist gov't RACIST if they disagree. In that case there must be 20,000+ million RACIST in America but any body with a touch of good music loves country music and not that rap crap. Did you know some of the top security people recently hired by PO are Muslims? Really. Our country is on the verge of dying. Kruschev said we would be destroyed within. PO is doing his best to make it happen. We MUST stand up for our
  23. Oh give me a break. Quit crying wolf and all the bleeding heart junk about our country failing. Just like Reid and Pelosi you want to blame the GOP and Tea Party. I say tar and feather all ofCongress and PO and start over. Would you like to be President Pubby? I'll vote for you.
  24. The sky is falling, the sky is falling. All the liberals whining about how the tea party GOP are destroying our country is a piece of crap. NEVER in any shut down has the president ordered all previously open landmarks like the WW II monument, Lincoln Memorial, Mt Rushmore and even ocean bays closed. All PO (AH) is doing is hurting everyone he can to get sympathy and fear the sky will fall. The last time we almost had a shut down under PO (AH) he said your social security check and military pay wouldn't be coming. It was and is a lie. PO liar, liar, liar and a narcissistic want to be dictator
  25. Come by Saturday and get them for 50% off. Today is 25% off.
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