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  1. You misunderstood me. I believe they could have done it, I just don't understand it. Court Reporters make a pretty decent amount of money. It just shocks me. I never said it was okay to steal. It is horrible. You totally took it the wrong way. I am just proud of the hard work my mother did her whole life. NEVER SAID IT WAS OKAY TO STEAL. I was just stating that court reporting is a very hard job. Never said that gives you a right to steal. GEEZ.
  2. My parents have had a condo at PCB since the 80's. We never drank the water.
  3. My mom was a court reporter and worked very hard. She was very honest. I cannot believe these women did this. Believe me when I say that Court Reporting is a very hard job. When she started she had to use a manual typewriter with duplicate paper. She would stay up all night typing.
  4. I loved the Radio Shack one:) Too funny!
  5. We went last week and it was beautiful. Went to clingmans dome, the chimneys and roaring fork. It was a wonderful time:)
  6. My daughter is getting married next June and I am picking these things up at yard sales. Great prices:)
  7. Yep, they need to start soon. I don't understand passing on a hill in a no pass zone. They need to get up here!
  8. I agree, North better get ready! But excited for the game to be at home!
  9. I did hear too they are sold out at High school. Are the North fans suppose to where white? My son said it was a white out.
  10. I talked with the school and all are 7 today at lunch.
  11. My son goes to North Paulding and he said they will have tickets on sale for tomorrow night's game at lunch. Does anyone know if that is just for the students or can they buy adult tickets as well?
  12. I agree. Visit often, and at different times. The main reason for us picking Austell was because the rehab part is awesome. It is very new and updated. There is always therapy going on and I like that for my Mother's case.
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