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  1. My husband works for Pope Hardwood Flooring in Marietta. His name is Greg. They do a great job. PM me for the number.
  2. I called Waste Industries to get the p-com discount and add recycling to my service and my bill went down $6.50 per quarter. WOOHOOO The also have great service.
  3. The attorney we used is in Marietta. His name was Sam Hicks. But because of where you and I live the only federal circuit court for our area is Rome. We had to go there also.
  4. Just came from High Shoals and there was a school bus diagonal in the road. About 20 feet from where I slid off the road about 15 minutes before it came through. Very scary out there.
  5. Thanks for the warning. This is my neighborhood.
  6. No our Kaiser plan has always been an individual policy. My husbands employer does not offer insurance but this was obtained when he was self employed.
  7. We have had terrible problems with Kaiser. Had no choice but to keep my husband with them because of their horrible record keeping. Removed my son about 2 months ago. Rates went sky high and could not afford to keep both of them with Kaiser.
  8. Lamar's in Rockmart is the best. They have great prices.
  9. I know someone who works @ Clarks and he has not had any problem (espcially last week) getting paid.
  10. I have a 1996 Mercury Villager and needs to have the headlamps redone. Can you give me a approximate cost for this.
  11. I would like to be entered as well. Been 3 years since I have been to the chiro and can tell every day. Thanks for the chance
  12. I am glad that I am not the only one grosses out by this. Most of the time I loose my appetite after someone rudly blows thier nose at the table. I would like to know why also. Maybe just lazyness?
  13. that sounds about right around my house. 7:15 since I do not get home before 6
  14. Momof1

    Day spas

    Labella Day Spa has an awesome wrap. They are located in the Publix Shopping Center @ Seven Hills.
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