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  1. Awesome! You'll be better in no time. Even with all Jason went through...infection, blood clot, weighing 330 lbs...he's doing wonderfully now! No cane or anything. It was like we were thinking one day that he was NEVER going to get better, and the next day we woke up, and he was doing great! Take care, and follow their instructions to the T!
  2. Wow, it sounds like your MawMaw has had an amazing life, BB! My grandmother is 75 and still works full time...God willing, I hope I have her til she's at least 99! It's wonderful that you've had all these FULL years to share with her. Praying for peace and comfort for you and your family at this time.
  3. Oh yeah...he's been watching his reruns of Seinfeld, King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond, 2 1/2 Men...and of course all the Criminal Minds and CSI's and all that! He's even reading a little...
  4. Yeah, they aren't going to do the surgery. The vascular surgeon said they were going to just try it this way first.
  5. Jason's still in the hospital, and they are raising his coumadin dosage today to try to get his levels therapeutic. He will probably be there for several more days. I feel much better about things now. I feel like he's being very well taken care of, compared to everywhere else he's been. Keep the prayers coming!!
  6. Happy Birthday to the best sister in the world!! I love you bunches!!
  7. Okay, so he has been admitted on a heparin drip, Thank God. The vascular surgeon is going to come in this afternoon and talk about possibly surgically removing the clots. He has 3 now...one in his left calf, one in his left thigh, and one in his right calf. His ortho admitted him, I guess as a CYA measure, but that's fine with me...I want him to cover his butt and make sure nothing happens to Jason! Anyway, keep the prayers coming, and thanks for all of them that you've sent up so far!
  8. He is at Cobb today. That's where the paramedics recommended that he go. He was at Tanner Sunday night. I don't know about the doctors. I guess it's whoever the ER recommends? He was going to his orthapedic that did his surgery to have his levels checked Thursday, before he had to go back to the hospital.
  9. Oh wow! You're right, you would never know. I thought clots in your lungs killed you? Guess not all the time, huh? That's so scary. Glad you're okay. They have taken him back for another ultrasound, and CT scan of his lungs.
  10. I know. I so can't believe I'm sitting here, but I know I have to be.
  11. I just drape mine on the mantle, and place something heavy (i.e., a stocking holder) on the spots where I need it to be held up. Does that make sense? See my lil drawing below...LOL The X's are where I'd put something to hold it. X X X X O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O Oh nevermind, it doesn't show up right!
  12. Okay, so more prayers please. He's headed back to the hospital. I'm stuck at work, because I can't lose my job and our insurance...I'm just worried sick. On a lighter note, the paramedic that picked him already knew his whole history from p.com.
  13. Thanks for the encouraging words, prayers, and the congrats. I feel a little better, but I fully intend to have a heart to heart with his orthapedic surgeon Thur...right now...he just called and said that it seems more swollen and sore today.
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