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  1. I'll PM with the lady we used. I'm sure she can tell you if she is licensed and bonded.
  2. It's so much better! A management company now handles it.
  3. Bakers Bridge Rd, Canterbury Lane Subdivision
  4. I'm looking for someone to do a deep clean on my rental house. It's empty so it should be pretty simple. I'm looking to have this done next Monday the 11. Any recommendations ? Thanks
  5. I pay my sitter 10 per hour for date nights etc. I'm also on the other end as I nanny in my home for other families, I charge 250 per week for full time and 7 per hour for my part time kids. When I was a nanny outside my home (before kids) I was paid 700 per week for 55 hours all cash.
  6. Hi! We are looking for pine straw, mulch and tree trimming done on our rental home. Is anyone available to go by before saturday to give me a quote. We have a large tree that needs cut back as it's going on to the house in the front yard. Pine straw around all beds in front yard and a large area of mulch in a center part of the yard. Anyone?
  7. Thanks everyone. I have a few calls to make
  8. Phone number? Ha! That was funny thanks for noticing
  9. I need help again please... Upstairs a/c went out on rental unit and I need someone reliable to fix it ASAP. Any recommendations?
  10. Happy Birthmothers day! As someone in the adoption process for almost two years waiting for the perfect birthmother I want to say thank you for making the most selfless decision ever. Brandi
  11. I hired a personal trainer 1 time per week, cardio 3 days per week and my trainers work out one more day. Cut out all sugar, carbs and junk food. So far I have lost 20 pounds and 39 inches. Next weigh in is next Friday. I do cheat I do skip days at the gym and I do still have my wine. Good luck it's hard and I hate to work out but I hit the wall that I was that fat person and had to do something. Brandi
  12. Go for it! We moved here 1.5 years ago and will never live in GA again we love it here. We live near Huntersville but if he is working in Ft Mill we are 45 from there without traffic. Good luck!
  13. UPS store in Douglasville off Hospital Dr and Fairburn
  14. Where are they now? Near the old Jazzercise place?
  15. Thanks I won't waste my time going ther then. That is so sad!
  16. We moved from Paulding County last May and are coming back to check our house. I would love to go by Brooke's to get bargins if they are still around. Thanks
  17. I was going but had to quite do to a family issue I am not for sure but I think it is 5 a class or 35 a month. Atleast give it a try you will love it.
  18. She does still do it at the new location. She is Mon, Tue and Thur 7:15 to 8:15. You will love it. Fun times
  19. I will be there Can't wait to see everybody!
  20. Does anyone know if that church is doing them again this year? We got one last year and it was great and would love another one. Also I can't remember the name of the chrurh if anyone has that Thanks
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