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  1. What a loss!!! My heart just aches at this news. So young, vibrant, and truly a GREAT soul. Timbo, we will all miss you and we LOVE you so much. Thoughts and many prayers for the Atcheson family at this difficult time. SO SAD !!!!!!!!!
  2. I agree therefore I refuse to waste anymore time on here arguing something that was an accident.My thought are with the woman he hit. I do hope she is OK and do not wish to argue anymore. It is useless and childish and I am the first to admit to being on the defense, just as anyone else would be, so if I offended anyone I AM SORRY, I guess I forgot that we are in still in a small town that likes to talk. And I hope everyone else can remember that someone was injured here and needs thoughts and prayers.
  3. Oh we already notified the police, we are not trying to hide anything. He is not a physician and would have never known not to drive after having antibiotics and steroids. Like I said they did the same to me the week before. I just hope the lady he hit is OK. Thanks alot though
  4. Thanks you as well, I wish others would not jump to conclusions about what they think might be going on. And yes the immediate care should not have first given him all three shots in the same buttocks. I have spoke to them already and they admit he should have been watched.
  5. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. We love you all Jackie
  6. My heart aches for this family, especially little Denver. Kristin may you rest in peace sweet angel. You will be missed by all
  7. My thoughts and prayers are with Kristins family and sweet Denver, Adam we love you and are here for you.... My heart is broke
  8. This is just such a tragedy. I have known the Cails for just a short time, but just loved NIcholas and Denver. I am praying for Scott and Nicholas, may they feel God's arms around them. To Brenda and sweet Denver, may you both rest in peace and watch over Nicholas and take care of him, he truly loved the both of you. May God be with everyone touched by this.
  9. Audie was my graet aunt and so precious. I will miss her dearly. We love you Aunt Audie. Love and prayers The Hitchcock Family(Jack)
  10. I cant believe this has been six years. Mt thought and prayers are with yours and Denns family all the time. My sister was friends with both Shad and Dennis since kindergarten. I hope that some day the monster who did this will have to face you all along with God. May you find the peace your family deserves soon.
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