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  1. I did the same thing when I was pregnant. It sucks! My doctor even gave me some pill that you put under your tongue that they give cancer patients. I threw it up! I was 138lbs when I got pregnant and 111lbs when they took him 6 weeks early.I'm 5'9 and I looked like a crackhead. What your doctor has said about the baby being fine is what mine told me and he was! My 5 pound baby is about to turn 8 My thoughts are with you! You will make it!
  2. LS119


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine! My family has a very active lifestyle. We do everything from mudding to spending the summer at the beach. I no longer have to worry about water, sand, mud or the kids It was definitely worth the money.
  3. My 13 year old has blackheads and zits. Will the Neosporin thing help with blackheads?
  4. My knee started hurting really bad the Friday before the last snow. It has already started this time I am so over the snow!
  5. I loved Hawaii! The cost of living was much higher and we were on a base. To the OP South Florida in the summer was the same as GA and they had a breeze from the ocean. We spent the entire summer in Miami. We came home 2 days before the kids went back to school. It was 10 degrees hotter here than Miami the first part of August and we had no breeze and they did! I feel in love with that place!
  6. LL - J opened up yesterday and it was a nightmare. He did say that today things are much better.
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    I-20 from Villa Rica to Thorton road is ok. DH said the passing lane was still closed. Just go slow and keep a good distance between you and the other cars and you should be fine. Good Luck! I just hope my kids can go back to school tomorrow they are driving me crazy!
  8. We live in Temple and DH went on and took his rollback to his shop off of Thorton road this afternoon. His tow truck and F250 made it with no problems. He will need it in the morning and decided it was safer to try when the roads were slushy and not frozen solid.
  9. That's what we did last night! We pulled out our ski rope with the knee board!
  10. Easy Chicken and dumplings boil the chicken and a stick of butter or margarine when the chicken is done put it on a plate and shred it put it back in the pot and bring it back to a boil open canned biscuits tear them in to nickel to quarter size pieces and drop them in the water it will take about 3 or 4 cans salt and pepper to taste cook for about 15 mins longer
  11. Everyone hunts in my family. I will go sit in the woods but I just like to watch. The rule in our house is you kill it you eat it. I will cook it but will not eat it
  12. I dated a guy that got in my email. He we back and read stuff from before my divorce. He read my old chat conversations with one of my friends. He also read in the chats where we were talking about him. He even had the nerve to print one conversation off and give me a copy of it. I felt so violated! I do have mixed feelings about doing it to catch a cheating spouse but with everything I also feel like some people take it to far.
  13. We have gone for the past 4 or 5 years. After going the first year we decided to build a jeep to take. Love it! We have so much fun! I have pictures but can not figure out how to upload them on here. I was hoping to see some from others.
  14. Oh so now I'm curious about how that works. What do you do if you are sick? Most people that don't have ins. don't go to the Dr. for checkups. What am I missing? What is the goal of this place? I don't want to start any debates just wondering.
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