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  1. Been forever and wondered if anyone still uses this site?
  2. Been forever but just curious if anyone still uses this page/site?
  3. Just looking over old topics and post. used to have fun from this page.
  4. How has everyone been? We are just surviving.
  5. Haven't been on here in forever. How's everyone been?
  6. haha! we are all fine. still a republican so I am still working
  7. just jumped on to see if there were any good arguments to get involved in. looks like ithiel is gone though.
  8. I had contemplated coming back into the kitchen with a radio and handcuffing someone :-)
  9. Only when we go to Atlanta : ninja:
  10. carry a 870 five nights a week. Mine has a 13" barrel though and a light attached to the fore grip with a pressure switch. And for those of you yapping about moose, this thread ain't about moose. It's about TOW. :-P
  11. paranoid? Not even, just prepared. My collection ain't that large or russian. let's just say I could endure a zombie attack!
  12. You got that right jetman! No apology needed buddy, you showed up.
  13. as I can see from several post from a certain person in this thread, my position as board jerk had been taken in my absence!
  14. You been hittin the sauce this early in the mornin brother? Lol You hush or I'll leave you sittin at the bar!
  15. Who are you? Name change I mean?
  16. Was checking out the thread in PP and was shocked that I didn't even get one nomination or mention. Must have been gone too long or not have left an impression. How has everyone been?
  17. It's a SR13 form. Just a personal accident report. means you fill it out instead of the cops.
  18. Have recently become a huge fan of deviant behavior!
  19. Pffft, I wasn't gonna say a mop or a broom. Was thinking of some sucking action....you know, the vacuum.
  20. You need something else in your hand...
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