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    My husband and I started taking chantix the 1 st of December by the third week he had completely stopped smoking and he quit taking the pill (That was a mistake) I was only smoking 2-3 a day and kept taking the pill, well that continued for about 3 weeks and I stopped taking them also. This weekend he picked the cigarettes up and I find myself smoking more. Like today I've had Four and it's only 11:00 am. This morning were taking the pill again. My advice is not to stop taking the pill until your for sure that you've quit without a cigarette for alleast a month. I have to take the pill with food other than that everythings fine. I do eat alittle more when I'm not smoking but thats's to be expected. We all just have to set our minds to it and believe we'll be non-smokers soon enough. Good Luck! and don't stop taking the pill.
  2. I pray that never happens to you or me ( I have two boys) I could never imagine them getting into that kind of trouble I'd half kill em
  3. You got me i was thinking those kids were probably skipping school smoking out there and threw a ciggertte out Their scared out their minds of being caught not to mention it started a fire.
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