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  1. When I saw the title in the thread I was thinking about that video game too. I didn't come in to this thread until I had read everything less because I thought it was the game, and I don't play it. So I understand. It is a terrible story.
  2. Do you need any infant girls clothing or a pack n play?
  3. So funny I just saw on Tyler's Ultimate and Down Home with the Neely's that they are both making chicken pot pies, look at their recipes on the food network site. The Neely one looks really simple.
  4. Go to Michael's and look around. I always get ideas when I am in there.
  5. Will there be concessions available?
  6. lillaroo


    Does anyone know how to find a listing of the free summer movies and times? Thanks!!
  7. lillaroo


    Teachers that I know that tutor charge anywhere between 10- 16 an hour.
  8. Are you offering a job to someone that needs it?
  9. I agree we are becoming to rely on our government too much. I am a teacher that is worried and know that I have a job paid for by taxes but I still think that we as a society don't know our leaders and shouldn't turn to them to bail us out.
  10. I dry my mouth too. I got some hand towels at Wal Mart the other day that are bleach safe and colored. Maybe that would work better.
  11. As far as Learning Bridge taking over, I am not sure that it is a good idea or not. I know ASP employees are going to get first offer for jobs, but they are not going to get paid the rate they get now, I am sure. Also the reason the school system is losing money on ASP is that parents that are using the service are not paying the $6.00 a day. The daily price was quoted to me as going as high as $11.00 a day. So if that happens it is not going to be as good of a deal for parents. Also they are not going probably going to be able to use classrooms so that is going to cause them to use common areas and the staff will have a harder time with homework help and students may not be getting help from certified staff.
  12. Taking up residence at the school board office might be an option.
  13. School supplies are always appreciated and candy or gift cards, or just cards of appreciation and support.
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