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  1. Nevermind... I'll probably get dinged for saying that, I bet.
  2. I'm still laughing at the thought of someone involved in scouts for 35 years being ignorant enough to think EVERYONE he encountered/scouted with was heterosexual... wow :rofl: You don't know... so why does it matter?!?
  3. Original post: "While it is perfectly acceptable to use a firearm to protect your property, it is NOT acceptable to fire that shotgun at a group of small children playing on THEIR OWN property" Post #44: "He was physically standing at the property marker and he was shooting into the air, not actually pointing at the kids." Which is it, was he firing it at them or not? This is why people are confused from the start of the thread.
  4. I just closed two weeks ago under (the newest version of) HARP after receiving notification like you did... after YEARS of being told I did not qualify for any kind of refinance because my house value slipped so far below what I owed. Because the loan was already exisiting and I've always been good on it, I did not have to submit any paperwork one normally would for a loan app (proof of employment, etc) and there was NO home inspection. A local legal firm came to my house for the closing and we were done in 30 minutes. The whole process took about three weeks from start to finish (was a
  5. Awesome job, Nathan! When its said that something like this is rare these days, its the truth... much deserved award!
  6. Postman... does the word "allegedly" exist in your vocabulary? Between your posts in this thread and the side thread you created stemming from this, you might think you were there and this is all fact. It's one side of the story. Is it not?
  7. I'm calling B.S. for the simple fact... I've never seen a good looking woman like "Faith" ever working at any Walmart that I've been to. (kidding, kidding... we are all beautiful in our own special way)
  8. They had a couple in the flyer they sent out for Black Friday. And you can see what they have available on their website if you flip through the pages... Walmart - Rifles
  9. This man does not like this thread at all. I'm curious how they work it into the sequel. "Oh, this Twinkie thing... it ain't over yet."
  10. Thanks to those that gave a serious answer... mods you can close the thread please. Still shaking my head at "WWW.Whitepeopleproblems.gov"... what a disgusting thing to say, but I guess I shouldn't expect any less on this site.
  11. I wish I had time to sit on a message board and post asinine comments instead of... ya know, actually having to be places on time. Thanks!
  12. Somebody went and changed the timing on a few traffic lights around Hiram and I am looking to file a complaint and to see if anyone else here has noticed or has other changes to complain about... Everything seemed fine the way they were. 1.) The traffic light turning left onto 92 from 278 (coming from Powder Springs to Dallas). The timing was changed in the last month. I counted the seconds this morning sitting behind a semi and the left green arrow stays green for ten seconds now (I swear it felt like it was five seconds a week ago). Long enough for the truck and only the truck to cle
  13. 1.25 miles was the consensus last time this thread was made, if I remember correctly.
  14. Looking for recommendations in the area for a birthday dinner for an 8 year-old (my son). His birthday is next week on a weekday and his kid party with cake & friends is already booked for Saturday, but I wanted to take him somewhere on his actual birthday and make it memorable (where the servers might sing to him and I could order/put a candle in something after we eat). Nothing extravagant obviously since he has the party two days later. Any suggestions? And thank you in advance.
  15. Mine went up $177, and the total is still only half of what I paid in 2008.
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