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  1. May the lord help this family through this time.
  2. I did not know Dillon but we did know his Brother! May the lord help these famlies through this time
  3. This is so sad, May the lord help the family through this time.
  4. She is doing ok, been at the hospital alot lately. Thanks for asking!
  5. I don't think you have a mean bone in you, you are always there when someone is in need of anything. Your an ANGEL
  6. This was confederateroses Mother and my Grandmother. Some had Pm"ed and ask her name so I Just posted it on a new topic. Thanks for all prayer said, she will be missed.
  7. Known this family for many years, always there to help someone in need or help with what they could. May the lord bless them and help them through this time of sorrow!
  8. Gary was not a teacher. I got the call last night also. Prayers for all the family
  9. Ellen, I am sorry for your loss, your family will have many prayers during this time.
  10. i am sorry to hear about this i have not been on here lately ....prayers for her.
  11. I hope your father finds the strenght to help him through all this sadness. Sorry for your family also!
  12. I said earlier in a topic *she had a dream also for her kids to stop fighting over the king center* I am sorry for the family also but when you turn the tv on and it's the same ole thing hour after hour........eeerrrr. As for another holiday I told my hubby the samething!
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