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  1. I remember why I don't get on here much anymore, looked through a few topics and could not beleive some of the reply's from others! Go ahead and blast away it will proberly be 6 months befor I check back anyway.
  2. Was thinking it would be him, I like him better than Josh.....
  3. Please keep the Family of Jackie Rakestraw in your thoughts and prayers, The passing is such a shock to everyone
  4. I saw this in Rockmart....was Hispanics on their way to New York from Mexico. Yes they had a torch burning while they were following the police cars. Thought is was strange too! Maybe the media will have something about it.
  5. Sorry to hear about this Mark, Thoughts and prayers to you all! Rhonda Adcock
  6. You were one of a kind, will be missed by many. Prayers for the Hembree Family!
  7. Thoughts and Prayers for the family.


    LOL, so you have seen them waiting too......several have and many have been caught!


    No Secret, I have only heard this was going on in 2 of the county parks.....they come from the Metro Area and meet at the parks....to each their own! I just think they need to take it somewhere else and not where kids are...afterall it's happening during the day mostly....or I should say from what I have been told. I personaly could care less who does who or what~~~I don't vist these places anyway. Better yet....get a friggin room....oh wait, your wife may find out...lol. I say leave your wife if you are seeking brotherly love........
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