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  1. The St Vincent de Paul Society Thrift Store and Community Outreach.Center is always in need of food to give to the needy of Paulding County. I have done food drives for them in the past and it was greatly appreciated. I want to say they gave away over 12,000 pounds of food last year. It is located on Memorial Drive in Dallas.
  2. I agree. La Bamba is the best. They give you plenty of food and salsa for takeout too.
  3. Mark0732


    I agree. This directly affects my property value and my ability to sell my house in the future. I am daily being robbed by the vandals of this county that think it is OK to dump trash out of their car window. Littering and spray painting is turning this county into a slum before our eyes and we need to teach our kids by our example the value of keeping your community looking clean.
  4. Any potential solution like this would help if businesses, government and citizens all band together, it could all make a difference. I wonder how you could get this need on the list so that people working off a court fine could pick up road litter. Also, people seeking community service for school, church, or scouting credits could pick up road litter.
  5. Love it! My son is 17 with mild autism and I'm glad he is treated well at EPHS by the students and teachers. In fact, if someone were to pick on him, they would answer to the entire football team.
  6. You have a great point. I'm headed out for my walk. Every day I go walking I bring a trash bag with me. I'm often surprised by the amount of beer cans and liquor bottles. Wish the cops could dust them for fingerprints and nab the culprits for littering, open container, and drunk driving.
  7. It's no problem at all throwing bio-degradable items like banana peels, apple cores, etc. as long as your kids are taught the difference. Thanks for your post.
  8. I know none of you throw trash out of your car windows because if you are on this site, you care about Paulding County. Why do some people do this and contribute to BLIGHT and DECREASED PROPERTY VALUES? Drive to other counties north of Atlanta and you will see a few cans or bottles here and there but not the mound of trash accumulating on our roadsides. As for me, I have started to pick up what I can near my house. If others set the example, then maybe it will catch on. It is not someone else's problem. It affects all of us! Let me know what you think.
  9. Its a fact that the earning potential of people that mutilate their ears are extremely limited. There are no fortune 500 companies that would hire someone like that.
  10. I am the pipe organist at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in dallas. YES, A PIPE ORGAN IN DALLAS, GEORGIA!!! People come from far away places to hear me play. Just kidding. I play at the 8:00am and 10:30am masses. The 10:30am has a choir, guitarist and very talented pianist. Most importantly, our pastor tells it like it is and is very close to our Lord. We'd love it if you would visit our church.
  11. Not sure. Could have been some F16's that broke the sound barrier. I heard it near East Paulding.
  12. A week??? I've got job interviews. Can they discriminate on the basis of BO? We have no water in Brooks Farm across from EPHS.
  13. I live in Brooks Farm across from East Paulding HS, and I have no running water. Is anyone else experiencing this?
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