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  1. Ya mean like passing 0bummer/reid/pelosi-care before we read it ta see what's in it?
  2. But ... but ... but are you a sayin that it's only okay for men ta have sex with boyz in North America, and not anywhere else?
  3. Why iz it that the libtards want NO one to own a gun that could possibly defend against a CORRUPT government? Az long az everyone marched to tha beat of the socialist drum. If said government were of a theological rule demanding that EVERYONE must obey the teachings of the Bible, then you can bet your sweet __ss that they would be all in favore of an armed citizenship. Just sayin
  4. We can put an ARMED GUARD at each school, at the only entrance that is accesible without an issued badge. "Cobb County schools have badge scanners at every door except the front door.
  5. Iff ya bitch about one, ya gotta bitch bout em all.
  6. What was the saying from the 0bummer cabinet member who now occupies a seat as an elected official in 0bummer's home state? "never let a crisis/tragedy go to waste"
  7. From a perspective of not owning the following ... just how much would Joe Sixpack hafta shell out to purchase a 9mm, and or a AR15 style weapon?
  8. Yep big money from the UAW will go a long way to occupying the white house.
  9. Let's vote to abolish the use of automobiles in America because they kill more people than guns do.
  10. Those pesky unbalanced minds must be controlled. The congress of the U.S. should pass more laws to control the folks with unbalanced minds.
  11. Yep money talks ... ask your boy in the white house about UAW money, and too big too fail.
  12. Someone please do the research and show the results of how many people die each year in auto accidents, compared to mass killings from crazed lunatics who illegally obtained weapons.
  13. All people should have a shock collar installed around their neck to be kept in line by the all knowing what is best for us goverment.
  14. It is a sad situation that children have died in a school because an idiot killed his mom then stole her weapons to carry out his plan of mass destruction. I say that having an armed guard in each school would be a step in the right direction. If the US congress wants less guns in the public then perhaps they should lead the way by not having armed guards following their every footstep. If taking away an object that humans use to cause death, the first place to start would be with automobiles ... how many children die each year in auto accidents? But maybe the auto manufacturers would have a hissyfit and have their lobbyists right up congress' rear end to prevent that from happening ... just sayin.
  15. Gotcha, I'm still amazed that the OP started this thread in the WRONG forum, it should have been placed in the religion forum. And then pubster has to bring in the political by slamming the conservative/republican. But hey it his puppy and he can operate it as he see's fit. duckingforcovernowinadvanceofoncomingbullets
  16. [quote name='former member' You are mistaken again. I'm not liberal. That is the biggest LIE I have ever read.
  17. The answer lies in what currency NPR pays their trolls.
  18. No problems here son, BTW this reply makes no sense.
  19. I stand corrected this is the STEEEEWWWPIDEST post today by the village idiot.
  20. That is the most childish post I've read all day. In my best elementary playground voice "I don't like the way you play, I wish you would go play somewhere else"
  21. dapandlap


    Prayers sent for JJ and family.
  22. If ya really like to drive just add one word to Blue Ridge - Parkway.
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