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  1. You can call code inforcement for the mold and bugs working in the indusrty of pest control and multi family i see it all the time. they will inspect then give property x amount of days to correct the issue. as far as bad residents not much you can do there. make sure you contact the mgmt office and report issues and document them. if the leasing office wont help go to corparate office. if its a big name managment company they will get the issue solved quickly most of the time.
  2. i dont understand why the speed limit is 45 on dabbs bridge from 41 to 61 and the speed limit on 381 to 41 is the same 45 and is far straighter. i hope this driver makes a recovery. i also remember a bad wreck on harmony grove just two weeks ago i believe. however the guy that caused that wreck was DUI.
  3. i think taylors off 61 pays .30 a pound. thats what i got two months ago for my 15.
  4. i dont know why they closed but i would assume chains and locks on the doors is not a good thing.( as was posted on many peoples facebook accounts) the bashing of other paulding business in the post does not help either. this is probaly the reasons why they closed poor business ethics. as far as the pro shop and other personal belongings , i guess the owner could tell you this information. but like i said before chains and locks are not a good thing. I hope for the league bowlers your prize fund will still be returned at the current standings. as far as stars n strikes goes. i bowl there
  5. so if the server brings me a beer say at a cost of 4.00 is 50% good even though the bartender pulled it out of the fridge and she/he walked 8 steps to bring it to me?
  6. i wonder why he was not Charged with the domestic charge if that is what really happened? i wonder if this was a fight between two men turned badly. i see where this happened at Mr. Cashs residence. wonder if this is a case of he said he said. Sad of both parts.
  7. i seen them in alpharetta. headed towards dobbins.
  8. hopefully the dollar general will hire folks from BHE to be employees. this way they can walk to work and save that 4 dollar a gallon on gas. and put someone to work that has been out of work for sometime and try and get them back on track with employment. i dont think there should be a entrance to the store from the subdivision though.
  9. I have found the over n out does not work as well since the active was changed from fipronil. however it is/was a good product.
  10. hirams very own blair witch
  11. say hello to my little friend- scareface
  12. ask for the appeal to be in person not over the phone, second if it is denied again you can file again a appeal, if that dont work you can get a unemployment attrony to sue on your behalf. i fired a guy for drinking and driving on the job. and let me tell you what. the appeals are better in person this way you can ask questions, ask for records and prove your point. just hope your employer does not have a file folder of write ups on you like i had for my employee.
  13. if you find out let me know i have thousands and most if not all are in complete sets as well i have old comic books and such as well in plastic sleves and numberd in order.
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