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  1. Looking for a bag push mower
  2. Who ever has a daughter that drives a white ford explorer with tag HALEYDB please please tell her to stop texting while driving!!! She is either gonna kill someone or get killed, we followed her down 381 an she took a right on Frey Rd , she was all over the road, almost hit the bridge, over the white line an then back over the yellow line. Please put a stop to it, she may kill my family...
  3. Sorry, I didnt elaborate did I. automobile and Homeowner
  4. I am wanting to change my current insurance carrier. Who has the cheapest insurance rates around. I am actually moving Mine My SIL and DD and My DS and DIL thanks in advance.
  5. I went to school with Jeff too. Someone PM me and let me know what happened. We graduated together.
  6. I think its adorable. I need a price for a pink one and when could it be ready.
  7. We were going to eat there the other day and I thought they were closed. I would love to see a menu.
  8. How big is the Ga bulldog purse? I am sure I will be ordering one and maybe the other stuff to go with it. Do I need to come out to your store to order?
  9. Prayers for Ronnie and family. Sheila was a wonderful lady.
  10. Awwww she was such a beautiful woman. She will be greatly missed. But now she is in the arms of Jesus.
  11. Please pray for the family they are very very upset. They have a small son, I am not sure of his age maybe 5.
  12. Her name was [Karen] Camp she lived in Burnt Hickory Estates. [EDITED BY MISS CRUMP TO CORRECT FIRST NAME]
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