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  1. I completed classes at a college....continuing Ed. Georgia State offered them.
  2. Contact Storehouse Ministries-in Marietta. 770-428-8410
  3. Find Andrew Ackerman Atlanta Police Dept
  4. Glad all are ok. Strange smell noticed 3rd period. Then by 4th period smoke.
  5. http://decal.ga.gov/BftS/ProviderJobsList.aspx
  6. Oh no!!!! I liked this one better than the s&s!
  7. We don't have a truck, however, we are near New Hope....would like to get free firewood.
  8. odie

    NPHS playoffs

    Sounds like this route would be going around the long scenic way...575 traffic and hwy 20 traffic...
  9. I was told by the county office that we would have to have at least 5+ acres, etc. We live in a subdivision with no HOA and don't have a 5+ acre lot. We only wanted 2 hens...
  10. I have one child who is overweight and one who is @ the 25 percentile of the growth chart...I'm doing what I can to guide the "right" food choices and portions...and also encouraging riding bikes, hiking, etc. We reduced "salt" in the foods by not purchasing those items that are "quick". So, yes, it takes me a little longer to prepare supper, breakfast, and lunch. (They bring their lunches to school.) We provide water bottles for their drinks with their lunches, too. I am doing what I can do as a parent. I am trying to curb ones appetite for extra and the other to maintain or eat a little more, etc. So,Yes, I agree with gog8tors "My concern is how many kids will end up developing anorexia. They KNOW they are bigger then the other kids. It is thrown in their faces every day. From the positions they play on the sports teams to the clothes they are forced to ware. I see this as bulling on a mass level."
  11. Creation Ministries International Gary Bates
  12. Try Catch Air! Not too far...Kennesaw/Marietta area
  13. odie


    We watched it launch last November!
  14. I would have said, okay, I will turn it off...because I don't know all of the "laws" out there....I am thankful that she knew what her rights were and acted on them.
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