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  1. I would like to offer volunteer help - driving, light cleaning inside or out, prepare meals, or any tasks an elderly person or couple may just need help with. I have the time and the heart - in honor of elderly parents and missed grandparents!
  2. Just bought a neat red metal one from Eddie Bauer, the Avenues!
  3. PARENTS who say all the right things but do NOT help their child during the school year!!!!!!!!!
  4. does anyone know what happened at Gold Mine and 278 Sunday night??
  5. PAULDING does seem to be the worst - and why doesn't anyone driving way below the speed limit EVERY realize they need to move to the RIGHT lane????????????????????
  6. They don't look 'cute' - they look ridiculous!!! AND the kids you see (esp girls) whose pants do not fit them and every move them make the little one's bottom shows almost all!!! PARENTS!!!!
  7. aren't they just a short drive from each other ??
  8. WalMart in Dallas is NOT a pleasant shopping trip ever any more - I use to think Douglasville and Villa Rica were horrible - Dallas is as bad or worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. We are looking for a "good" refrigerator for sale (preferable black) - post if you know of one! Thanks.
  10. Teacher from Abney has given them in PC for years! Give me your number and I'll pass it on to her (she's on 92)
  11. I'll be home all summer, let me know if you still need help!
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