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  1. Hope this helps. I check out from library on 3 different Kindle versions. BTW, for free Kindle reads look here. Make sure they are $0.00 before clicking. I use this a lot.
  2. or the other party for that matter or is this their principle; history says not.
  3. I will go with the limited government (reduced to the lowest level possible, state, county, city) and personal responsibility as MY definition of a conservative. Family values is a personal / moral / religious choice which no government or party has a voice in. As I personally see it, the liberal person wants more governmental control. It in My Opinion that takes responsibility from the individual and transfers it to the government. I would really like any and every candidate running for office to explain how they are going to "Make America Great" or "Give Free Education" or "Medical Care". Let's be candid on one issue out of many; if you want to make college free WE must pay for it. There are only two ways to pay for an item when your check book is over drawn; you either reduce expenses (entitlement pay outs) or increase income (taxes). Both parties have their view on this and neither want to risk reducing "entitlements". Liberal is to tax the 'rich' and conservative is tax equally. Please MR. and MRS. candidate tell me exactly how you intend to buy more without an increase of paycheck. No, really, specifics Apologies for a drift but I sorta, kinda think it relates to the liberal / conservative question.
  4. Voted way down here in most southern Texas today. I have been researching the resolutions / candidates for some time. It took about 15-20 minutes. I was second in line upon arrival and 10 minutes would have been shaved off if the election worker had not just changed out the paper on the machine that printed out you 'serial number?' and decided to hit test print about 50 times. Well, that and the scanner didn't work on my driver's license so he had to enter the ID number manually. Didn't even glance at my voter registration so I assume that my TX D.L. reported that I was registered. All in all, not bad. I can see how some might be confused or intimidated by the "machine" that is used. The workers were handy and ready to help folks that needed it to navigate thru it all. Not sure how these compare with the current GA. booths. Here it was: present ID and registration scan id or enter manually receive 2 strip print outs with a 4 digit number (identical) I signed one and the worker adhered both to a log book of sorts proceed to both, vote and be on your way Edit: forgot to add that here we can vote anywhere in the county. Once the ID is scanned and you enter the 4 digit code your applicable ballot (school district, etc.) is called up. and my political comment of the evening: I see absolutely NO reason that voters should not be required to show an ID and that ID should be one that the state requires for driver's license, welfare, check cashing, etc. etc. My children have been enrolled in the same school district for 7 years and each year I have to prove residence. My vehicle registration does not suffice but a utility bill does. The district's reasoning is that I might own a vehicle that is registered at an address that I do not live. I pay utilities for a rental in a Dallas, GA house but I do not live there; can I vote in GA? I have racked my limited brain to understand how the requirement to have an I.D. is voter suppression. At minimum you have to prove that you live in a district / precinct. How is that possible without identification? Please post a scenario that makes proof of registration and address possible without I.D. Case here locally: voter walks in to polling station, presents a hand full of registration cards and asks which one he needed to use at this poll. Older news that has been in the courts so I am at liberty to say that I was on the grand jury for that case. The 'voter' had voted more than 10 times that day.
  5. If clowns attack me I'm going for the juggler.
  6. Revenoor

    Water leak?

    Webster defines a check valve as : a valve that allows flow in only one direction. Technically true when there is potential on both sides of the check valve but not in this use since physics dictate that the bowl water will not leap up several inches of space to open the flapper (check) valve (no potential); in actual use the weight of the valve plus the weight of the tank water seals the tank from the bowl NOT the bowl to the tank. Leaking / maladjusted float valve or leaky flush/flapper/check valve is the cause of UN-intended water use in a toilet if no external, water source, leak is present. Love talking toilets Taz as I just went thru all of mine starting with the check of float settings and flush valve leakage. My deal was just that I didn't realize how much was leaking thru based on the infrequent toilet 'sounds' exhibited by a slightly leaking check / flapper / flush valve. Mike Sbra96, how's it going for you? I would take Taz's offer to troubleshoot if you don't have it corrected. I believe that he and I are have nothing more than an exercise in semantics not operation. After 43 years' experience and license in a field that uses check valves extensively I am somewhat familiar with them.
  7. Revenoor

    Water leak?

    Unrelated to the OP as that is a leak or faulty meter period. Taz, I would be interested in seeing a schematic of the toilet that has a check valve installed. The crapper has a fill valve controlled by a float and a flush valve controlled by the trip lever. Check valves are installed in the service line (or should have, my point) to prevent back flow from any source not the toilet as that would be near impossible as you pointed out just as not too long ago accumulators were required on water heaters.
  8. Revenoor

    Water leak?

    The little red triangle on the meter indicates that there is water flowing through the meter. If it is turning back and forth it means that water is flowing both ways or the meter is defective. A 'leaky' toilet uses more than you would imagine but the meter spin would only be one way, it would not be both ways. A check valve (one way valve) is designed to allow flow in only one direction and in most places is required to prevent contamination from toilets, irrigation systems (lawn chemicals) flowing back into the water supply system. I have a well that supplies water for irrigation and it is completely isolated from my city water supply therefore I don't need a back flow valve (check valve) if my sprinkler system was connected to the municipal water supply I would be required to have a device that prevented reverse flow if the water supply pressure dropped due to malfunction it is possible (not likely) that the head pressure from the sprinkler system would back feed and then introduce lawn chemicals into the water supply. I can tell you for a fact that Paulding County inspectors and developers do NOT build to and do NOT inspect to code.
  9. My rental house, we transferred to Tx. 7 years ago. A fence and storage shed is the only "upgrades".
  10. 2012=$1266 2013=$1509 2014=$2052 2015=$2116 2016=$2497
  11. Revenoor

    Direct TV

  12. Revenoor

    Direct TV

    I used DTV since 1993 when they were another name and volunteered to be a Beta tester on software and hardware about 10 years ago. I found that they were hands down the best in customer service and when HDTV came on the scene had the best picture hands down; I had DTV, Dish and Comcrap all at the same time to compare visually and by test. About 2 years ago I went to the then new, Genie receiver / DVR and clients and had some issues with those but CS worked with me to change out equipment. I have never paid a fee to get replacement equipment and the shipping was deducted from my bill. I will say that their 3rd party 'installers' were not the most knowledgeable when it came to more complex theater setups (no provider is) and I was happy to be allowed to install and set up myself. With that said, I absolutely detest AT&T and when DTV merged I fired them simply because I didn't want one penny of mine to go to AT&T. Note that I was not allowed to tell DTV customer support that I was a tester and therefore received no benefits in regard to trouble calls. If it was beta software or hardware that caused the issue I had to deal with it myself, there were very few occasions of an issue with software (simply revert to older if so) and none on the hardware I tested. Been a while, how's life in Paulding? I still own my house south of Dallas even though the job transfer has had me here for 6 1/2 years. Hey, I pay my taxes so I am relevant.
  13. I own a house in Paces Lakes off Scoggins. I need a property mangement company to ensure home is kept up, repair as authorized, etc. I also need someone to make some repairs to doors, floor and other things. Also, would like to have someone I can contact for additional work on the house as they come up. I will be in town and available to meet on Tuesday afternoon the 13th. The house has been leased for the last 5 years since we transferred.
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