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  1. Congratulations. Welcome to the Dark side.
  2. Bleakleys Playground would be a better name!!!
  3. Get off your phone and pay attention.. that was a great spot I got, when I drove around ya!!
  4. I might be able to round up some originals.. If KING Pubby allows it..LMAO!!
  5. PUBBY... We still love ya.. But the restrictions today are way beyond... And remember.. YOU created me back in the day.. You need us back.. Lucky... It can happen... But we gotta check with the Ruler Almighty PUBBY!! LMAO!!!
  6. Mr Martin should have came on my ground... And see how I STAND! Who really gives a rats ass about the law when you are in that kinda situation?
  7. Electrical problems..Take it to FreeWheelin in Douglasville. I'm a 1800VTX owner.. You can mess more up than you can fix. Just my opinion.
  8. If you have a CCP.. just put it in your pocket.. No Holster required..
  9. Get the one that looks like a safe. Lowes has em. Not sure of the brand name. but I have smoked alot in em.. Never a problem.
  10. I call BULLcheeze!!! The least you can get by is the Service charge at 15.99. We have an outside pool and there is a minimum charge... Good try... But I remain calling BULLcheeze!!! And where are you getting Cable for $10 a month??? Sounds like y7ou might be hooked up on the down low....
  11. Thank you very much Pubby.. You are doing an awesome job
  12. How about some popcorn for the old people???
  13. WOW The valid points are coming out now.... I think I will now just BOW to The people that are the experts in this political mess.. As for me... You can color me COMCASTIC..all the colors of the rainbow...anybody got any Skittles?????
  14. I don't claim to be an expert What I'm referring to is companies such as Vonage, Magic Jack, NetFlix and several others. They charge customers for their service they provide, but they do not provide the means to get it to you. They also make $$ off their advertising with their product. So when people use their products, it requires alot of bandwidth which directly affects the other users on the network, which requires limits on existing customers. So, in comparision, its like Atlanta Gas, no ones has them as a provider, but we all use their system which results in that AGL charge on your gas
  15. I am impressed by the people that have a little knowledge on something and speak on here as they know it all.. There are more of what you call monoply companies involved in this than you see. Comcast only has one branch of the spider web. Next time you click, run a trace and look where your click goes. Also look at where the lag time is. You will be surprised.. and YES its the company that ya keep saying is better. Everybody is getting paid.. So, providers should charge the companies for using their fiber and wiring. If they don't pay for it..We will.. Still feeling COMCASTIC today.. Let
  16. Huff report is blowin smoke before the fire... I love my Comcast, all the new movies I want to pay to watch, Fastest Internet available. Don't need no NetFlix cause I get all the movies before they send them to netflix. Just remember, Comcast is a provider, not a right. You pay for what ya want, and if ya can't pay for it..Then ya gotta get what ya can. Some people drive Cadillacs and others drive clunkers. But the option is there for you to choose.... Thanks for all ya do Comcast.. I'm feelin a lil COMCASTIC today!!!! Let the beatdown of my post BEGIN!!!
  17. 9 out of 10 women are batterd... And I'm still eatin mine plain..
  18. Pubby... I'm just playing with you..Somebody spiked my SWEET TEA!!!!
  19. And they leave my last post up to make them look good.. As they have done something for us.. Its all in PUBBYS interest.. If he don't gain from it.. He don't care about YOU!!!
  20. HANK jr


    Why would you say that?? Its a slab of whole pig whatevers processed to make it look like a Rib pattie. Then they cover it with BBq sauce and throw a pickle on it..MMM good... Have ya checked them Chicken McNuggets out lately??? I know where a chicken breast and legs come from, But Where are they getting them Nuggets from..LOL
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