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  1. Congratulations. Welcome to the Dark side.
  2. Bleakleys Playground would be a better name!!!
  3. Get off your phone and pay attention.. that was a great spot I got, when I drove around ya!!
  4. I might be able to round up some originals.. If KING Pubby allows it..LMAO!!
  5. PUBBY... We still love ya.. But the restrictions today are way beyond... And remember.. YOU created me back in the day.. You need us back.. Lucky... It can happen... But we gotta check with the Ruler Almighty PUBBY!! LMAO!!!
  6. Mr Martin should have came on my ground... And see how I STAND! Who really gives a rats ass about the law when you are in that kinda situation?
  7. Electrical problems..Take it to FreeWheelin in Douglasville. I'm a 1800VTX owner.. You can mess more up than you can fix. Just my opinion.
  8. If you have a CCP.. just put it in your pocket.. No Holster required..
  9. Get the one that looks like a safe. Lowes has em. Not sure of the brand name. but I have smoked alot in em.. Never a problem.
  10. I call BULLcheeze!!! The least you can get by is the Service charge at 15.99. We have an outside pool and there is a minimum charge... Good try... But I remain calling BULLcheeze!!! And where are you getting Cable for $10 a month??? Sounds like y7ou might be hooked up on the down low....
  11. Thank you very much Pubby.. You are doing an awesome job
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