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  1. Will is just a little busy today. Educating the world is a great concept. Great concepts that are not realistic to implement right now are, in my opinion, still eligible for a facebook "like". Your comment about me as a teacher is rude and ignorant. You don't know me, and I am a very devoted and hard working teacher. With people like Mr. Paulding Pundit, no wonder it is so hard to get good people to run for office. With people who make comments like yours, no wonder it is so hard to get good people to teach.
  2. There is a huge difference between "liking" something on facebook (on a private, personal page, at that), and making something a legislative priority. Will's priorities if elected all focus around bringing jobs and prosperity to our district, including refunding our education system in order to ensure that we have highly qualified and well-trained high school graduates to fill the employment needs of businesses looking to settle here. Even if he wanted to, there really is no feasible way that Will could make world education a priority--that is not the role of a state house representative. The role of a representative is to do just that--represent the people in their district. And you are absolutely right, that means representing a largely conservative district. Will understands that, and it has earned him the support of many of the conservatives of this district. If he didn't understand that responsibility, I doubt this race would be as close as it is. I hope you'll (all) vote for WIll! He really is a good man and has an amazing work ethic. If elected, he is going to do absolutely the best job he can do to represent the people of this county. He isn't afraid to stand up to democrats or republicans, if it means standing up for what is right, and what is productive for our people, and that is a quality which I truly admire
  3. I'll let Will answer for himself what he likes and doesn't like, but speaking for myself, it seems that this Global Fund for Education strives to provide education for all people, which, as a teacher, I believe is a worthy cause. Now, I have not researched this organization, nor do I believe that funds should go to education in other countries at the expense of education in our own, which is definitely lacking. The website does not affect my family values. The attack against my husband, claiming that he is lying, "bamboozling" the good people of our district is simply ridiculous. Along with several other unsupportable attacks you might have seen in your mailbox, this article has absolutely no substance. He "Liked" a page on fb. My point is that this person is grasping at straws to try to make Will look bad. What does offend my family values is the fact that he took, without permission, a photograph from a very special time, which he could only have gotten off Will's fb page, and attached it to this foolishness. Call me crazy, but when it relates to my child, I feel compelled to get involved.
  4. I tried posting on his website, and also commenting on his publishing of the post on paulding pundit's facebook page. In all cases, my comments were ignored and deleted. I knew paulding.com is a neutral and fair site where I could express myself without being censored based simply on my opinions.
  5. I have refrained from posting on Paulding.com so far because I feel that you have all done a fantastic job of exploring the issues in depth (I have greatly enjoyed reading all of your posts!), but my attention was drawn this morning to an issue I could not help but respond to, and Paulding.com is a valuable resource to do so. A recent post on Paulding Pundit attacks my husband for "liking" something called the Global Fund for Education on facebook. First of all, how desperate are Paulette Braddock's people if they are using my husband's Facebook "Likes" against him?? Second, is the Global Fund for Education really something so terrible for someone to "like"? A click of a button on facebook does not correspond to a first legislative priority for a candidate-especially when the legislation in question is in a completely different body than the one to which the candidate is seeking election. Commenting on Will's opinion of the Global Fund for Education is like asking a school board candidate how they feel about national defense policies. MOST IMPORTANTLY, aside from the frivolousness of this attack on my husband, what made this an issue that I simply MUST publicly respond to is that the person responsible for this post on Paulding Pundit saw fit to use a photograph with his article that, I can only assume, is intended to make Will look extreme and juvenile; however, in reality, this is a picture of a father anxiously, excitedly anticipating the birth of his baby. The photo in the Paulding Pundit (and now also paulding examiner) article was taken at the hospital, immediately before the birth of our daughter--our first child. Look at the chair he is sitting in--where else can you find plastic upholstered chairs!? I have notified the publisher of this article of the nature of the photograph he has used (and how he got access to this picture, I do not know), and my comments have been censored and ignored, my facebook comment deleted, my friend who also commented was kicked off from "liking" the Paulding Pundit on facebook, and my comment on the post itself has not been acknowledged or published. If Will looks extreme and excited in this photograph, it is because he is mere hours away from the happiest, most amazing moment of his entire life and mine, and I believe it is extremely inappropriate to use in this context. Anyone who would KNOWINGLY ABUSE such a photograph in the manner that Paulding Pundit's author has done has no understanding or respect for family values.
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