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  1. she fall up the stairs <--- my kids dont fall down stairs, only up....lol!! But when she did the corner of the laptop hit the stirs, and the screen is cracked from the inside, or atleast it look like it. The screen itself isnt broke.
  2. Anyone knows a place I can take my daughters laptop to get the screen fixed?
  3. hehehe.... ooops!! But if I did see her, I would give her a big HUG and a HUGE thank you!!!
  4. This morning, I was at Chick-fli-A drive thru with my 15 yrs old son. I was in the middle of telling him about acts of kindness and how good things comes to those who does good things. As I drove up to pay, I was told, the lady in front of us paid fro our food. I dont know who she was, but Im hoping she just might be on here. I want to say THANK YOU, it was such a wonderful thing you did. And to have my son witness this wonderful kindness was AWESOME!! He kept saying "wow, thats all i can say"!! HE was so happy and was excited that he got to witness that. You always hear about people doing t
  5. ahhhhhhhhh........ So thats my problem... and here I was blaming my kids and my mother for it!!!
  6. I fire if its bad my kids will text me or call me!! So far I havent got anything!
  7. if I saw any of these people, I dont think I was even notice or even care. They are people like us just makes more money then most of us. I guess Travis Tritt wife came in my work a few years ago, and this other lady was like crazy excited over it. I didnt act any different, and she ask if I knew who that was, I said no, she looked shocked and told me it was Travis Tritts wife. I just looked at that woman like she was crazy and all I said was "okay??" I guess she wanted me to be more excited but it didnt happen.
  8. This makes me sad I love his songs, and voice. His song "forever and ever amen" has been mine and my hubby songs since we got together 19 years ago. I hope Randy Travis gets help before it ends bad for him or for someone else
  9. where is Scotts store? Praying this person is caught, and that the lady hurt will recover fast, she is in my prayers!!!
  10. My aunt started a pay in forward thing, a few years ago........ we needed $500 for bills, she gave it to us, when we got the money to pay her back she told us to do the same for someone that needs help, we just happen to have a friend about a year later crying about money, she never asked, we just gave her $500., and told her to pay it forward, and she did, and the person that she helped did, and its has been going since, that was in 2004 it started!!
  11. i wanted to take a picture of my grandmother. She was laid to rest in her Cherokee indian dress. But I couldnt get myself to do it! No one was allow to see the dress until the day she died, so it was kindof neat, in a strange way!
  12. ohhh Lordy!! Im scared!! My daughter turns 13 saturday, and is having a sleep over!!! Full moon, plus teenage girls......sounds pretty scary!!!
  13. I thought it was boring this year,and to long, spaced out way to much, but I was shocked to see PARENTS stopping the parade to take a picture of their child in it. But I will say all school kids did great with Band and JROTC!! My favorite was the Christmas Story float, but then again thats my favorite Christmas movie!!
  14. *sigh* there is alway someone out there that has to about something!!! IF they dont like it then QUIT!!! There is many others that needs a job, and is willing to work it!
  15. BLAH!!!! BLAH on you!!!!!!! I have tried and tried to get Lance to let me, I even told him I NEEDED to put my Village up, so I know what I have and dont have. He asked me what I needed, I told him I dont know thats why I NEED to put it up, he said " good then you will have to wait" lol!!! What a brat he is...lol!! But I love that brat!!!
  16. we use to rub Brandy on our kids gums, it worked wonderful. Infact we never used the stuff from the store. My husbands grandparent told us about the brandy, I figured if they used it with their kids, and thier grandkids, I saw nothing wrong with using it on their own great grandkids.
  17. He is fine! Long story! But all is good! I know all this for a fact since he comes to my house after school!! Thank you for all prayers, his family thank you also!!
  18. Hi Ho Hi Ho off to school my kids will go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. I just said the same thing.....LOL!!! She has the porn look going also, Im sure there will be a video of them that was "stole" out of their house!!!
  20. My daughter was 6 months when I got her ears done, when she was 10 we didnt it again, and my sons wanted their done also.......we took them to the same place, and all three of their ear holes got infected, I went back to that place and they had the nevers to tell me thatthey will do it again for free.....ummm, I dont think so. But if anything, the ear ring fase came and gone with my boys, and my daughter just didnt want to have her second holes anymore. But last year on her 12th birthday my daughter for the first time in I dont know how long, she asked for ONLY one thing for her birthday, and
  21. Its was very hard, since I hadnt been in school for so long, many times I wanted to give up, but I knew for me and my own kids I had to do this. After I got the mail and saw I passed, all I could say was "I did IT!!" it was such a wonderful best feeling to have. My life started coming clear, and I was able to put a part of my past behind, and move on
  22. Thank you for all you said, I was about to make a comment but after reading yours, you said all I wanted to post all so!! GOOD POST,Hun!! After I got my GED many doors opened for me, I picked a job I was happy with and worked my butt off to get where I got there. I dropped out of high school in 91 for a reason I wished I could have dealt with and was strong enough to deal with, very few knows the reason why. I went back in 2004 to get my GED.
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