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  1. If you are concerned about correct and appropriate accommodations then you should set up a consultation with an advocate and go from there. If you would like specific names and contact info of some good ones, please PM me and I will be happy to share.
  2. Yes but it has gotten better over time. His knees still bother him most days. This is one of the reasons he had to quit playing on a football team. Football camp was way too much for him although he can still play a quick game with his friends sometimes and then just take it easy afterwards. That is just his experience though and there were other factors that caused him to have to stop playing on a team so that doesn't mean it will be the same for your son.
  3. Our 14 year old has had it for several years now. It is no fun for sure. It helps to keep his knees wrapped with sports tape, a bandage, or knee braces when he knows he will be doing physical activity. He has to take a few days of rest when it gets too painful. Taking Ibuprofen also helps.
  4. Wheelchair swings would definitely be a benefit in the community. It can be so hard and awkward to lift some kids and adults out of their chairs not to mention that sometimes you have to carry the individual quite a ways from the chair to the special needs swing with the high back that others have mentioned. Many times even though we have the special needs swings there is no pathway so you can get the chair close to the swing. As far as a lawsuit waiting to happen, I would think it would be just like any other piece of playground equipment. Kids get hurt on the playground all the time even if they are well maintained. There are always nut jobs looking to file lawsuits.....
  5. There is supposed to be a teacher wish list coming to 11 Alive's website soon so that should be very helpful. I know the fourth and fifth grade hall received the most damage as far as classrooms go. My child's 3 classrooms were on that hall and one of them was severely damaged.
  6. There are SO many meds I cannot take because I am super sensitive to them or allergic. I cannot take narcotics, steroids, most cough meds, etc. I sympathize. Although I have not taking the medication you are talking about, I have taken all the meds you listed separately and had not had a problem. If you take it I hope you do well on it. I know how it makes me so nervous if I have to start a new medication.
  7. Ms. Edna was a very sweet lady who was always very active in her church. She will be missed by many. <3
  8. I have a child with this diagnoses. PM me with questions if you like.
  9. She was a wonderful lady. Hazel was my grandmother's sister and they were also the best of friends. I have never seen a sweeter couple than Jake and Hazel. They were married 65 years. I know she is and will be terribly missed.
  10. I hate to hear this. My boys take multiple meds each day and we are at your pharmacy more often than I would guess most are. I sent a lengthy email to Kroger's corporate office stating reasons this location should remain open. Most of the email was about how great the pharmacy is. You guys do an awesome job and I let them know. I also told them that we used the Kroger pharmacy closer to our home (278 and 61) for a while and not only were most of the people rude, they actually gave one of our children the wrong meds. I told them I don't care if that location is closer and has a drive through, we drive to the Hiram location because Jim and the women there always make sure everything is right. I just wanted you to know some of us tried to go to bat for you and how much I appreciate all of you.
  11. A very good man that will be missed by many.
  12. They mixed up our youngest child's medication a few years ago as well. That was the final straw after I had already dealt with most of the people who worked at that pharmacy at the time being very unprofessional. Sorry this happened to you too.
  13. Oh, I hate this!!! I hope he gets it back. This couple is so sweet. They are wonderful people and it is terrible that someone would do comething like this.
  14. I can't say too much. Just a drunk, unstable man that took out his anger on an innocent man after scaring us and our children. It was very random and could have been anyone. The man that was stabbed was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and was not at fault in any way. This man was so out of it, he acted like he would have went after anyone in his way. I just tried to get me and mine out of his way. Very scary.
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