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  1. Ok, thanks, I guess I'll go to cartersville in the morning
  2. Is there a place in PC where we can get this done now. I thought I thought I heard the were starting it here.
  3. Hymans is really for seafood. It is downtown, I think.
  4. They now have a product that you add to the grout when you put the tile in that resists mold growth. No longer have to paint it on after you grout and it is supposed to work a lot better.
  5. I had xp and now I have windows 7. I am still getting used to it. I don't like how the window disappears if your mouse gets moved.
  6. If this is the place on the right as you go to the square, I went there severel years ago after everyone raving how great it was and sat there for an hour, yes an hour before they finally came and took our order. I would have left but the lady I was with wanted to eat there. The food wasn't anything special after so long a wait. It was kind of funny how the lady was ignoring us because we were sitting right in the middle of the place and she had to keep going around us to get to other tables.
  7. She also has to make sure that the doctor can see her in his office on a stretcher. If she can not travel by wheelchair they take them on a stretcher and a lot of doctors offices do not have the room for a stretcher. Just something else for her to think about.
  8. I go to one in Bremen. Dr Jim (can't think of his last name). He looks like Kirk Douglas! He is really good and really explains things to you. He has the Bremen Clinic and is in downtown Bremen.
  9. I might need 2, if my friend can't get them for me.
  10. I do the same thing with a company called Alpine Access. You can go to alpineaccess.com and read about it. It is not as easy as it looks. I trained 28 reps in July and another lady trained about 24. I asked her the other day how many are still with us and she said about 4.
  11. I have dream number mattress and foundation I am selling. It sells for $1600, but I will let it go for $800 because there is a tear in the foundation. It is at the seam and can be sewn.
  12. How about the Senior Center? I think they have a van that picks up people.
  13. We used this group when my son was younger, it has been a few years. But they were very good at the time. Everyone I knew that went to them had good things to say about this group.
  14. We have very long, thin hair and we use the detangler from Dollar General. It is very good and it seems very cheep. I think we paid $1 for it.
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