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  1. My daughter goes to Childrens Palace right off Bill Carruth between the water dept and Hwy 278. Shes been there since 7months old and I love it there. They have great teachers, prices, and when they sign back up for prek this Aug they will have the GA funded if you need it. You can go and tour them too if you want. I have tried YMCA and they are good but was disappointed on their prices and also how unpersonal the front personel were when I went. Childrens Palace is very much like a family and they do alot for the kids!! call them at 770-943-0058 and ask for Angie or Samantha (the director and asst. director!)
  2. I could not agree more. The Armani is what my husband wears and I LOVE IT! it smells soooo yummy and I cant help but sniff him!
  3. I have quite a few.....a best friend is just anyone you can rely on and trust and I try and always be there for all those that are there for me. I have friends I have been close with for over 15 years...there is just nothing like keeping a relationship with someone that long bc they know me so well!
  4. I used L&S Roofing...Richard Deatherage! Great guy and there is a bonus to using him.....email me to let me tell you about the bonus because I dont know if I can say it out loud in chance that a company might not need to know :-) its fabulous!!!!! PM for contact info.
  5. I know you are looking for a georgia funded....but from what I understand all those spots are filled. I do know, my daughters daycare has spots available and it is private though we are hoping to get funded and it will convert over if GA approves. (our daycare closed b/c the OWNER before was horrible and didnt handle money well) but was bought right out by someone who owns 2 other centers and its back up and running. Its great too! Still the same teachers! I know with prek as well as after and before school I pay $120. So if you will do the 8-2:30 I dont know what price they could give you. You get your moneys worth.....I SWEAR! But if are interested, its on bill carruth just passed the water dept going toward 278. Greystone subdivision entrance....Childrens Palace. 770-943-0058 U can still get in even though they have started. I promise you will not be disappointed!
  6. I am wanting to strongly encourage any and all people looking for a daycare for their child to take one look at Childrens Palace on Bill Carruth....between 278 and the water department. This daycare used to be the Great Expectations location that closed down a few weeks ago but has now been bought out and being ran by 2 very great people who already own and operate 2 other daycares; Calhoun and Cartersville. The teachers are ABSOLUTELY wonderful at this center. They have extended hours...6:30am-7:00pm Monday thru Friday. Ages are birth-12 yrs, breakfast lunch and snack are served. This is a learning center; not just a daycare. I personally have had my daughter here since she was 7 months old and even though she is just now in their pre-K program she could go into kindergarten now. Shes really learned quite a bit from her teachers there b/c they have great curriculums and spend some great one on one time with the students. Shes 4 and can spell and write the words they teach kids in kindergarten already! They have after school if thats what you need along with after school pickup for those needing to get pickups from elementary. I cannot stress enough how great this daycare is and how pleased you will find the staff. Go and take a tour of the place and see what about it you love!!! Tell them Jennifer Smith sent you!! I have had great referrals and have promised them I was going to get them more in there! I have really invested my love into this place. The staff has really become family to me and leaving them next year when my child goes into kindergarten will be so hard. But they are a great group and I want everyone to experience them!
  7. are you still looking? if so, message me b/c my husband and I have one we are trying to sell with a ping pong table top option if you are interested. Thanks!
  8. yes and no. Pretty much it is that he didnt manage his money right. he leased this location as well as the acworth and couldnt afford to continue to pay on it. He owns the kennesaw one (the one that was in the news and lost alot of business) and has kept it. He knew of this as far back as Feb or march but never took any offers to keep the place open. I mean COME ON...god forbit you do something nice to help people out. No, no, no...lets give parents and staff a 1 day notice to find else where to take your kids. And could you believe the idiot said NOTHING and I mean NOTHING to any of the staff when he went up there that last day. They were all in the lobby of the center talking and sharing and just enjoying their time there with one another and he walked right in, took the director to the office, said a few words with her (nothing nice or any thank you's or sorry's) and just left. What an a**!!!
  9. did you have a kid there? or are you going to maybe take yours up there? they are the best!!!
  10. So my daughter was one who went to the Hiram great expectations so we were one of many parents who went in the center 2 wks ago with a shocking notice they were closing! (Still mad about that one) But with patience and prayers answered we had a wonderful couple by the location out. Surprisingly they had been working with the owner (Jerry) since March to buy it and he would never sell. Being a total A** pretty much telling them if he cant have it; NO ONE CAN! So when they learned on the news that he had already closed it down they went straight down to Atlanta and is taking it back. They opened up for care this morning!!! My daughter was thrilled to see her teachers. The new owners are hiring back the same staff/employees and wants all the kids to come back that were there. No registration fees WHATSOEVER! and same price from what I understand. Those that had their kids in the prek program; as I did, they did not start this morning only b/c the time frame given to them for this has been real small but have confidence it should but up and running next week and with the same set up. Trying to get the GA funded and keeping it all the same. Please stop by there and talk with them. Like I said; same directors and staff so no changes there. I was truly happy to hear this came about. The new owners have 2 other daycares...1 in cartersville and 1 in calhoun. 20 something years at one and going on 9 at the other. They love their business and their kids and the wife; who i met this morning, seems soooo great! Number is the same...770-943-0058 but now called Childrens Palace. Hope anyone looking for daycare will give it a try. The ladies up there are the best around. The prices are great and not many other daycares can compete. They do have lessons they do everyday so they learn ALOT and are very well taken care of. Either way I wanted to make sure everyone knew that it was back up and running and I know they would love to see many more come in and get started there. Thanks!!
  11. Thank you and no I have no idea if they can ck anything out about what car it is based on what info I have. From what I have been told b/c this was nothing MAJOR they wont waste the time investigating it. Thats why I have decided to take it into my own hands. It was a fairly young black male...he had a passenger male with him as well. They were in their early to mid 20's if I am not mistaken. I only got a quick look but I dont think they are any older.
  12. Im sorry....I hit him but only bc he pulled out in front of me. I hate to say "i hit him" bc that sounds like its my fault. The cop even said had he not fled he would have been to blame b/c he didnt yield to oncoming traffic (me) I will tell you this, until the new light goes up, I will not go that way!! I hate that intersection. And now when my daughter is in the car shes asking me to not get into another wreck and when she hears some peel out or tires screeching(?) she jumps. It really scared her but I am just lucky that she is fine as me as well!!! Its just a blessing we have the means to have proper insurance to cover STUPIDITY!!!!
  13. You know, IDK. I would think you could call 911 and let them know but I do have the Cobb County Police info if anyone needed it. The case number is 09085411 and like I said b/c Cobb has the report as long as 911 knows that it was Cobb that has the info on it they can find out. But I would think if you informed even Paulding (especially if dude lives in Paulding) that he was involved in a hit and run they could get involved enough to take care of what needs to be done. If I can get up some money I would even be able to rewards someone....I just have to come up with the money to pay my deductible first to get my darn car fixed. I cant drive it and Im in my husbands truck till I can get a rental and it has NO air!!! I have to keep it parked in as much shade as possible so as to not get real hot before I pick my daughter up from daycare every afternoon!!!
  14. I was going home yesterday from work and was on going south on Burnt Hickory towards douglasville (just crossed over Brownsville off of Pine Valley) and coming up on the Borwnsville Ext and Stout Pkwy intersection and some STUPID IDIOT pulled out in front of me and I couldnt stop in time and I hit him on the driver side. But can you believe after he hit me and (my window was down) I went to ask him something, he gave me this look and he 180ed it and hauled a** down Burnt Hickory towards douglasville. He pulled out and just left. I had my 4 yr old daughter with me and he didnt care. I need the help of all of you to please find him. Cobb County took the report (even though based on actually where the wreck was I think it was Paulding) but I would think anyone can take info and report it. He was driving a 2002-2004 Hyundai Tiburon bright yellow very sporty. It was a black male with a male passenger and the entire drivers back side is crushed in with my gray paint all over it. I cant believe he did it!!! I had someone take off after him and the found out the first 3 of his tag is either AEU or AEV so that might help too. Please help turn him in. I dont know if he fled b/c it was stolen or he had no insurance or valid ID. You can email me on here if you know ANYTHING but please help turn this idiot in for doing what I have tried to teach my kids to never do!!!
  15. do we know anything regarding who they are or atleast what they drive. Kids? I just know lots that live right around there....
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