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  1. "Rachel Dolezal grew up in what her parents called a diverse family, with friends from various ethnicities and four adopted siblings who are black. She was “always interested in ethnicity and diversity” growing up" Growing up with black siblings seems to have made her just as confused as Bruce Jenner.
  2. So I'm guessing that he/she is going to be classified as a Lesbian? I haven't had a sex change and I realized that I was a Lesbian trapped in a man's body years ago...
  3. I'm okay with Happy New Years and Happy Holidays. But hearing 'Happy' Memorial Day just rubs me the wrong way when this holiday is all about remembering and honoring our fallen heroes. But I guess it's just another day off for most. Holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day have lost their true meaning.
  4. It would have been less of a financial burden on the county if they had just let them kill off each other.
  5. Horse meat is lower in fat, higher in protein, higher in vitamins and minerals - of course the government doesn't want us eating horse meat. Besides, who wants to hear Roy Rogers say "Hmmmmmm, Trigger tastes great!"
  6. Wait! Zimmerman can't be shot. He's white. Everyone knows that only black people get shot.
  7. Well this is pretty easy. Apparently 'Parent A" is white and 'Parent B' is back. And that being the case, 'Parent B' is allowed to use those epithets since 'Parent B' is black. As everyone knows, blacks can use those 'N' words without it being racist, but don't say those words if you're white.
  8. I guess some people are out $99.99. Mark Wahlberg is out $250,000 since he lost his bet to P. Diddy that PacQuiao would win. https://www.bostonglobe.com/lifestyle/names/2015/05/03/mark-wahlberg-loses-his-fight-bet/4Iik6GRyKQabJVAm1u4JoL/story.html
  9. Hank Johnson didn't misspeak. Anyone who follows what this guy says on a routine basis knows he's not very sharp. He really believes an island can tip over. He said what he means and means what he says. He may have been corrected by his staff later (after they all did a collective face-palm) but he represents the intellect of his district well. These are the same people who kept voting for Cynthia "5000 prisoners were killed by our government and then dumped in a Louisiana swamp" McKinney.
  10. Whites don't insist on having everyone (e.g. media) refer to them as Irish-American, etc. While we are proud of our heritage we are also proud to be an American. Many blacks aren't actually African-Americans but some are Caribbean-Americans and they get grouped into this 'new' class. I say 'new' because it's probably the 4th name change this racial group has gone through. They've succeeded in coming up with a divisive term this time. Being closely associated with Military or non-Military families for many years, I've found most call themselves Blacks just as we call ourselves Whites. Black Ame
  11. Blacks want to say that the "N" word and "Thug" are demeaning to them. I guess they also don't understand that the term "African-American" also brings a sentiment of separation and is offensive to many Americans. They want to be called African Americans but then they chant 'Black Lives Matter' and tout 'Black History' month. African-American is offensive to Americans who are proud to be Americans and don't feel a need to hyphenate their European lineage. Some people may not feel that "Thug" isn't demeaning towards blacks. Some people may not be offended by the term "African-American"
  12. Yep. Just like these... Al Gore's son arrested for drugs http://www.cbsnews.com/news/al-gores-son-held-in-drug-arrest/ Al Gore's son arrest for speeding and drugs http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20044628,00.html Al Gore's son arrested for DUI http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/washington/2002-09-14-gore-son_x.htm Or the long list of people associated with Bill Clinton who ended up dead. http://www.akdart.com/body-c.html Lincoln Chaffe's son arrest for underage drinking http://www.examiner.com/article/gov-chafee-s-son-no-contest-to-violating-ri-social-host-law
  13. Yeah, I'm not sure he meant DNR. A Living Will\Advanced Directive is what most people want to have in place so that you can decide what you want to happen so you can make clear your desires that your dying is not artificially prolonged. Here's a Living Will form for those who don't have one. http://www.doyourownwill.com/living-will/states.html
  14. She probably uses the dead bugs when she eats out because restaurants won't take food stamps.
  15. Estimates can vary greatly. For a 28 x 24 covered porch I was quoted by one firm that it would cost $21,000. Another company quoted $12,000. Another guy quoted $5,000.
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