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  1. My husband is a licensed electrician. I'll PM you his contact info.
  2. My husband is a licensed electrician if you still need someone. I'll PM you his contact info
  3. Peking Garden, Monterrey's, Howards, and Old South are on my lunch rotation. The lady at Peking Garden recognizes my voice on the phone and knows what I want.
  4. I went to school with him. I love when former classmates make me feel better about my life. Hope you find your car soon!
  5. I fixed this for dinner last night and there were no leftovers. I'd say the kids enjoyed it!
  6. We went yesterday. I think we'll go again tonight, too.
  7. New GA Animal Hospital 6101 Villa Rica Highway Dallas, GA 30157 (770) 505-7387
  8. I use gray, because obviously I am smarter than you.
  9. We're in the New Georgia area- close to Ridge Rd/61.
  10. We aren't near crossroads, but I have a 7 year old daughter. Maybe we could meet somewhere and let them play one day.
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