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  1. Paxilpapa My husband, and I have both been discussing this since my dads unexpected passing that we are getting our wills done up, and life insurance policy for both of us. Having two kids I don't want them left hanging. Found out yesterday my uncle was only 2nd executer to the will so he just has to sign over the responsibility of that to my mom. Since my father had no will everything is supposed to be split 50/50 with my mom, and I. Not a big of a issue as I thought it was going to be.
  2. Thank y'all. I agree to extent yes a will would have been great, but hey who plans to die at 49!
  3. Going tomorrow to talk with a lawyer someone suggested her to use.. We will see how it goes. Just wish he would have gotten all my grandmothers things straight before he passed.
  4. going to explain this best I can. My grandmother passed away, and left her home to my dad or my great uncle. Now my dad has recently passed away, and he only probated the will, house was not put in his name. He also had no will. So now my mom is trying to find out if the house can be put in her name or if its going to be a issue since my uncle was listed second for house. I thought that if a will is probated that means it is all finalized as to who gets what? Anyone ever dealt with anything like this? She has been told to hire a lawyer, and I do not want her spending out money for no reason
  5. We had one for my lab. No problems with it but my dog realized he could run straight across it. If you got a large dog is make sure they are responsive to shocks before spending a lot on it.
  6. I'm guilty of hitting up dollar general too! Lol a lot cheaper and they taste very close.
  7. Sent you a pm my husband does heating and air reasonably priced
  8. Brian is right call in the am. That's when the butcher was there when I worked at a Kroger.
  9. I worked in a restraunt and a lady just flipped it out, and there was plenty of men in there.obviously she got looks. I agree put a blanket over you and baby. I get it it's natural, but women these days are crazy over breast feeding. When I first had my daughter that was everyone's question if I was breast feeding. Unfortunately it didn't work out she would never latch on. Other moms reaction to this was seriously rude like it had to be me not the baby. Like I wasn't discouraged enough over it. My thought is they make pumps for a reason use them.
  10. Everyone I know keeps there's in belt or in purse. If someone can see a gun, and that person is acting sketchy I would hope the police are called. Rather insult a person, then see someone hurt or killed. Hubby just got his permit, and I told him First thing he needed to go take a class. I plan to get mine as well. This day, and time is rather have it then wishing I did
  11. Love the shark steamer. Don't have one though lol I'm to cheap
  12. I had just been complaining I really wanted one. I'm pregnant. Lol then a week Later our mcds had it. Talk about a happy fat lady if only They keep them around till march I'll have it Made.
  13. It's a tad bit of a drive but I love fronters out in rockmart off 278.
  14. That's like the #crap lol I'm young, and think it's dumb. Here a few others you may see WCW= woman crush Wednesday. Swap it to MCM for man.
  15. They will try to get another dog to follow them so I'd start walking your pup on a leash closer to dark. I'm in kennesaw and we have had a bad problem with them. I think that's where my cat went two yrs ago.. We have a fenced in yard and they will run about 5 ft or so From the fence and tease them
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