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  1. can you send it to me too? thanks!
  2. The letter says it is for this Sunday.. not tomorrow! But that is just an extra day..
  3. To me... Surgery is a huge risk.. My friends sister died at 42 after complications last month in Atlanta from a routine surgery. Yes.. pleanty of people have had it done, and are fine. I guess I am spooked because of her situation. I do feel there are other routes.. I am trying one myself. It's called GC Control, ( a protein shake from a health/wellness company called Melaleuca.) I can't tell you my results yet, because I am starting this month when I order! But basically, it helps to control your blood sugar.. therefore helping cut cravings. Also helps you with that sugar crash I usually g
  4. I had the same thing happen a couple of years ago .. and they were talking tubes. But the ENT gave me a shot of antibiotics and steroids and it cleared up... Also my poor 7 yr old dd has been sick and they gave her Augmentin.. she was MISERABLE with stomach pain.. but gave her some probiotics and it has helped a TON... not too fond of Augmentin.. think this will be the last time with it.. Hope it clears up for you!!
  5. We went on Saturday for my Birthday.. it was great, and the chef we had was HILARIOUS!! He had us laughing so hard... it was a great time.. and loved the food!
  6. We were there Saturday night and one of the showings for Man of Steel was cancelled because the air conditioning was broken in that theater.. Maybe some more problems like that? But I definitely would have asked...
  7. Using the Library as a babysitter?? Absurd!! They deserve the police to be called... why would people think that that would be ok??? I am wondering what the ages of the children left were, although there is no excuse!
  8. My kids loved it too!! Always a fun time.. Ken Scott is great!
  9. Jeanne O'Halleran... the BEST!!
  10. Couldn't come today! Will you do it again?
  11. If you go to their FB page.. I believe there is a flyer that states it.. It is one that recently came out on DVD..
  12. Do we need to register or do anything special for the Lego Club?
  13. We love him!!! Can't wait!
  14. Thanks all... I called the first place and they do have the part... Hubby is actually at school in Marietta.. so that was great!
  15. Thank you! Love Paulding.com! Better than Google!
  16. Does anyone know of a local place to get a part for a dryer? We need a thermal fuse for our Kenmore Electric Dryer.. and can't afford a repairman. Trying to do it ourselves.. All I can find are places to ship .. would like to get it ASAP??
  17. I agree... I am ready for the trial to be over.. and so is my husband... lol... I spend way too much time watching it! But I can't stop! lol
  18. I have been watching too... It will be interesting when the prosecutor gets a hold of her...I do think they had a twisted relationship.. but she was not innocent by any means.. I think she encouraged it.. No matter how he was- he didn't deserve to die that way.. I too feel bad for both families having to listen to all that!
  19. I have been following his story too.. hearing the news today made me cry... I posted it on my Fb page to ask for prayers..
  20. Yes It was Intense! I loved it though....
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